Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Karunya University-24 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Karunya University-24 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hai everyone... Iam Dahlia... Infosys' new pattern is very very simple.... So its very easy to get into infosys...

    The test cosist of two parts

    1.Logical Reasoning(30 Qns 40 Min)

    2.English(40 Qns 35 Min)

    Time management is very very necessary while doing the English part... You will be given two long passages and some questions below that.. You have to read the Passage to answer the questions.. Attempt this part at last... If you attempt this first you wont have time to read the remaining questions... So be carefull in this... Be thorough with Grammars... Especially tenses...

           And for Logical reasoning just follow any CAT book or RS Agarwal's non verbal reasoning...

           2.Data Sufficiency
           3.Data Interpretation
           4.Missing Figures
           5.Blood Relation
           6.Cubes and Indices
           7.Puzzle. Puzzles in RS Agarwal is enough... No need to study Shakuntala devi..
    Then have patience...Bcoz it takes hell lot of time for the results to be out..We finished the written test at 12.30 and they were supposed to announce the result at 3 but they announced only at 6... I was very happy when they called out my name.. 500 student were attended.. 49 cleared the aptitude..So this round is very very important... 47 cleared the HR..
    Then i called for HR at 9.30 pm....It was a stress interview.. But i made him cool... I greeted him.. He asked my name and the meaning of my name... Many questions were about my native.... Infosys was the second company coming to my college.. First was Wipro.. And he asked me why you were not selected for wipro.. I told him that i didnt perform upto their mark... And he asked me what do you know about Infosys? I told something which i have heard in PPT..Then he asked me do you ever visit the website of Infosys? I told no.. Then he told me that iam not interested in learning new things... For that i replied, Sir! for the last two weeks i was very busy with my internals and Preparation for Wipro.. Then he started asking some questions about wipro..Just to check whether iam telling truth or not.. He asked me the name of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Wipro..And some questions regarding Wipro.. I answered him.. I think he was satisfied with my answers..And my friends were given some puzzels to solve... And finally he told that he likes my name very much and told me to wait for the result...Finally they announced the results at 11 pm...My name was one among the 47..It was one of the happiest moment in my life...
    No technical, they just test your confidence,presence of mind and general awareness...So update yourself... Dont be tensed... Just have a smiling face.. Thats enough.. Be truthfull... If you dont know just tell i dont know sir.. Dont pretend as you know.. They will easily find out...
    Pray well and attend with Confidence....This is more important than anything... All the best... See you in Infosys..


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