Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   JIITU,Noida-12 Mar 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   JIITU,Noida-12 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, this is Tanmay from jiitu, Noida. We had an Infosys placement drive in our college on 12th march ,2008 . It was a combined placement from JIIT,JUIT (SOLAN) and JIET (GUNA). A total of 930 students appeared for infosys out of which 541 cleared the written test and finally 460 made it to the infosys and I was one of them.
    There were two sections :
    1)reasoning ability test(30 questions in 40 mins all equal marks)
    2)English aptitude(40 questions in 30 minutes)

    Reasoning ability
    Ques(1-5):a simple puzzle very easy to solve.
    Hundred card were distributed among 7 friends each wid eual numbers one got 5 less then the other.
    Some transactions were given which were easy to interpret we had to tell final no. of card each will possess.
    Ques(6-10):based on figures. we had to figure odd figure out.
    This was a little tricky section but I managed it and got most off them easily.
    Ques(11-15):they were based on data sufficiency.Be careful wid these.They all seem very  easy but can easily induce mistakes. RS aggrawal is enough for them.
    Ques(16-20):were based on data interpretation. They were a little difficult.try to practice these from IMS or CL material. two graphs were given we hav to construe date ffom them.
    Ques(21-25):again a logical puzzle very easy to solve. conditons were given we just hav to analyse by drawing a table and then ques can easily be solved.
    Ques(26-30):they were based on syllogism. try to solve them using venn diagram.
    If u r not able to solve from venn diagram then use given rules fron BS Sijwali form arihant publication. I strongly advise not to use rules of RS aggarwal them will produce erroneous results. DO NOT USE RS AGGRAWAL FOR THIS TOPIC.

    After logical reasoning we were handed over English aptitude paper.
    It comprises of two long comprehension. For comprehensions go thru the questions first and then try to locate answers from the passage as questions r very straight forward.u can find answers directly from passage. Apart from comprehensions they were sentence corrections.
    Fill in the blanks.
    Grammar part was there.
    For English use IMS study material. Go thru the grammer in it and  usage table given in the concept book of ims (important).

    After all this I was thru wid my written. once u are thru with wriiten and u posses good communication skill then clearing interview is a cake walk. Just acquaint yourself with current affairs go thru newspaper daily (editor, publishers must all be known). just be cool and clam and u can surely crack the interview. Mine interview was a HR some of my friends had technical one too.
    The HR person asked very simple questions.
    I answered all of them with equanimity and a simple on face.
    Interview lasted for just about 5 mins.
    They only judge your confidence and your communications skill.
    If u do not have good communications skill do give mock interviews to your seniors.

    That?s it. finally I got selected in infosys. Thank god for it. Work hard and u all also will .there is no substitute to hardwork.

    People say that infy paper cannot be cracked on ur own .that is a very false impression. since after the pattern of paper has changed one can complete paper in stipulated
    time without help of anyone. just believe in yourself and u can surely crack infy.

    Happy job hunting.

    See u in infy.. Take care
    Tanmay Mehrotra.

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