Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology, Noida-1 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology, Noida-1 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Note: HR Interviews in the placement exams of any company are quite easy if you know how to carry yourself, how to project your personality, behave and respond confidently with balanced use of your intelligence.

    My interview at Infosys placement exam was a general one (not technical).
    My interview continued for about 25-30 minutes but normally any placement interview ends within 15-20 minutes. For any HR interview you should be well thorough with your CV and must know yourself well. You also need to have a sound knowledge of whats happening around you.
    See how an interviewer scans your personality through your 20 minutes talk. focus upon my interview questions.
    Me: Good afternoon mam
    Int : Good afternoon, have your seat 
    Int: Give me your resume and kindly check your details that you have entered in your form.
    Int: Tell me what have you given to your college?
    Me: Mam, i had organised an event recently during the annual festival of my institute which was the first of its kind as nobody ever thought of organising such an event. so, i gave a new starting to such events here so that all types of students can participate.
    Int: Tell me about this event in detail. how did you handle it?
    Me: I took it as a project which comprised of a team headed by me. It was a big event as all the Delhi-NCR colleges were invited to it so it needed a great effort to manage it well.
    Int: How did you judge the participants?
    Me: The candidates were judged by the panel of judges invited by us. Judgement was solely on the basis of their skills at art and the intellectual power to think instantly.
    Int: Do you find your college good?
    Me: Of course, i find it very good because this college has given me sharp professional skills, its management is absolutely perfect with rare flaws, the atmosphere to work is very interactive. I would love to carry the memories of my college days in my life ahead. (here interviewer checks whether you talk good of the place where you work or you dont believe in your work place)
    Int: You also participated in an International event. Tell me about this event.
    Me: it was a long answer and depends on what activity you engaged into.
    Int: Would you like to design any software for art in future?
    Me: Sure, why not
    Int: She gave 2 puzzles to solve....
    Int: Why didnt you participate in any Sports event?
    Me: Mam, i participated in a race competetion when i was in school and i backed the 1st prize also but with time i gained interest more in extra curricular activities other than sports so i got inclined that side.
    Int: Your email id suggests that you are very creative. is it so?
    Me: Yes mam, not boasting about myself but thats what my friends and teachers believe that i'm quite creative. No matter what work i take up, i accept it and work on it as a challenge. i try to make a difference in whatever i perform because theres no point doing everything conventionally.
    Int: Would you like to work with girls in your group?
    Me: Sure, why not. Girls are also a part of the society and they form a major proportion in the comapnies so they should be given equal importance at work. tasks should be accomplised as a team work not on the basis of sex.
    Int: Do you read news papers, magazines? Do you watch news channels?
    Me: it was a long answer where she also focussed upon some issues like Tata-Singur case, Tata-Corus issue, Putin's visit to India on 26th Jan etc. She also asked the panelists of some famous news channels like aaj-tak, indiatv etc
    Int: I'm through with you, thank you and all the best


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