Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Jayamukhi Engg Collg, Warangal-25 Jun 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Jayamukhi Engg Collg, Warangal-25 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends....
    selection procedure of infosys is easiest  of all the company's...just if u'r through vith the wriiten test ....and  ur almost into infosys,  just vat u need is going into hr with confidence..

    personal xperience(avinash , s.r engineering college ,warangal)
    Test on 25th june 2007 at jayamukhi institute of technology and science 

    Apptitude is damn easy and every one did it well,and the deciding factor is the verbal, its for sure time is not nough for the vebal section , if ur not good at grammar , just go through the passages although they r lenghty but u can get answers directly, i managed to do one passage  and   arranging the satements in logical sequence is also time consuming . it's better if u have a look into TIME'S CAT material .

    from 750 students around 140 selected for  interview and the interviews started at around 3p.m.  many of the interview panels asked  puzzles and a topic to talk about.

    I  had the interview at around 10 p.m and i'm the last but one  candidate . H.R is an aged  person  and is very cool. he asked me the family background first . and then he asked me take a topic and speak on it . so i took current presidential elections and i experessed my views of Abdul kalam should not contest further more.

    then as i'm frm ece background, he gave a question and it is like this---u r  theteam leader of   a team   sent to an earthquake hit area for medical help.on ur way a person came and said that some robbers are looting the tribal women in the near by village . and another person came  and said that there is an accident near by and some people r injured . then vat is ur response ;

    assumptions r allowed:
    then i answered i will send 4 to each looting area and injured persons and 2 for earthquake medical help.
    then he asked vat is the primary task vr going for??????
    then i changed my opinion and  said i would send 4 for earthquake ...then he said i would tell the logic then  u answer it
    he said as it is informed by an unknown person how would u believe it?
    then i replied so i would send 1 person to confirm it!  then he asked how would he convey message to u? then i replied with villager who informed abt it!!!!
    then he said  arey yaar say u vill use the mobile to call police or any other help!!
    I replied that as it is an earthquake hit area  mobile signal may be damaged !!!!!
    then he smiled and said that so ur assuming it  !(as      question asks to have necessary asumptions )
    then he asked is their any questions ?

    i asked whether the training for the IT & non IT people would be same,then he replied it would b different . after 20 mins the final list of selected candidates r annnounced and i'm among the 52 selected students!!!!!!! 


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