Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Delhi-11 Dec 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Delhi-11 Dec 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi, this is Bharath, Initially vote of thanks to the people who have helped me in cracking the infy by giving their experiences.


    The process consists of two rounds, now a days infy is conducting three rounds which consists of one technical & hr. During my interviews some of the people have undergone 2 rounds of interview, so be prepared, u may interviewed once or twice, depending upon their requirement.


    In this first thing is the written test, and during off campus short listing of candidates will be very less, and the short listing will be mainly based on the English test which is of 40 marks, & I think one should get minimum 30 marks for getting short listed, and u al well know that interview is lite.


    In case of Reasoning test, there will be one hard puzzle & one easy puzzle, easy puzzle can be solved easily if one solves all the puzzles in the non verbal reasoning, easy puzzle 4 me is there are 5 teachers, each teacher teaches a subject, no teacher teaches more than two subjects and another clue stating the teacher?s subject & day of teaching and questions are which teacher teaches the subject, on which day does this teacher teaches and so on.


    Coming to hard puzzle there are three frnz x,y,z. x has an amount of rs.160, y has an amount of rs.120, z has an amount of rs.80.  and  the man who have highest amount of money has to give the half of the difference between the two members, and this process stops if the difference between any two of the members is less than rs5, and questions are like wat is the final amt at x, how many iterations will it take to stop the game and so on.  In case of hard puzzles, the infy people are just copying the examples 4m the IMS material for CAT, I have said this as me and my frnz got the puzzles 4m it, and theres no even change in the numerical, so try 2 go through it once


    And data interpretation do it in the last, and the calculations wil be very hard so do only rough calculations not exactly (and u people can note the questions on rough sheet as they wil take only question papers but not the answer papers, so if u have time left out u can solve them)


    And next 5 question based on series (but we cant say that every time they give only series they may also give odd man out as one of my friends got them) and the questions are very easy


    And next 5 questions on syllogisms, and I can recollect just 2 questions,


    1. find the area of triangle
    a. height of the median is given
    b. two sides are given

    2. Find the length of the cord
    a. If the diameter of the circle is given
    b. And the angle made by the sector is 60deg

    Coming to English, u must have strong grip on tenses as u can gain 15 marks if ur strong in tenses as u can get 5 marks 4m fill in the blanks with appropriate tenses, and 10 marks 4m correction of sentences,


    And coming to pattern of the English, consists of two comprehension passages, 5 fill in blanks, 10 correction of sentences (in case of correction of sentences corrections are based on tenses, direct& indirect speech, active& passive voice) and find the logically correct sentence


    And they gave the list of short listed candidates in the evening and they have selected just 92 candidates out of 900, and they scheduled interview on the next day at Infy?s corporate office


    I got scheduled at 11:30 am, but I went to the interview panel at around 3?0 clock, and the interview experience is as follows, my panel consists of only one hr where as in some other panels there are two people


    Me: (entering into the room) I wished him good afternoon

    Hr: please close the door, and be seated Mr. Bharath

    Me: thanq sir

    (In the whole interview, he hasn?t asked me the deadly questions tell me about urselves, y infy should hire u, y ur choosing infy)

    Hr: k, wat r ur hobbies

    Me: playing computer games & tennis

    Hr: tennis means table tennis

    Me: no sir, clay court tennis

    Hr: oh, grass court tennis

    Me: no sir, clay court tennis (this is just to check ur confidence level)

    Hr: where have u learnt this game in schooling, puc or engineering

    Me: during my puc sir

    Hr: he went through my resume and asked about the achievements

    Me: I replied him well

    Hr: he asked about the organizer 4 pp in my college (as I have written I?m the organizer, volunteer in naco in my extra circular activities) he said, k I?ll agree that ur organizer of the pp in ur college, can u tell me which section ur college people have allotted 2 u

    Me: I said that they have allotted me undertake the participants lodging & boarding

    Hr: where is lodging provided?

    Me: in my college hostel

    Hr: how many colleges have participated in the pp?

    Me: totally 12 sir

    Hr: can u tell me at least 4 of the names

    Me: I told

    Hr: then he asked haven?t u given any pp

    Me: (actually I haven?t given any pp) yes sir I have given but I haven?t stood in first or second places, so I haven?t mentioned in my resume sir

    Hr: k, on what topic u have given?

    Me: in my electrical subject sir

    Hr: k, topic

    Me: on nuclear power generation sir

    Hr: that every one knows

    Me: sir v explained in depth (so don?t loose ur confidence level even ur bluffing them)

    Hr: any achievements in sports

    Me: no sir

    Hr: I think in schooling they wil conduct running race etc

    Me: s sir I have participated in them, but I haven?t stood in 1 or 2 positions

    Hr: he then had a glance of the resume and I placed c in my computer skills, so u know C

    Me: sir, I?m not a king in it sir, but I know it

    Hr: then he asked me a few questions based on c, like wat is a variable, wat is a ptr, wat is a union, wat is *, wat is &

    Me: I answered al those

    Hr: & then he asked me mark lists and he had glance of them and returned them

    Hr: Doesn?t u have the extra circular activities certificates

    Me: sir, I have them sir, but I haven?t brought them

    Hr: k

    Hr: Have u studied any thing other than academics

    Me: sir I have learnt VB sir around 2 years back

    Hr: oh vb, I knw, so u have learnt visual basic 6.0

    Me: s sir

    Hr: where have u learnt this?

    Me: I said its not a named institute

    Hr: k no probs, tell me the name

    Me: I told,

    Hr: y have u chosen that?

    Me: My friend joined in it initially sir, and he told that he is teaching nice and one can grasp easily and so I have joined it sir

    Hr: so can u tel me the chapters in it

    Me: said some topics and said sorry sir I cant recollect properly as I have learnt it 2 years ago

    Hr: k fine, and gave me a puzzle which is damn easy, 2,3,4,5,6 are the numbers u have 2 choose 3 no?s out of them and fill a 3x3 matrix in such a way that the sum must be 11 along the horizontal and vertical and repetition is allowed

    Me: In tense, I have forgotten the condition and tried 2 solve and after a brief period he reminded me of the conditions again, and finally I have done it

    Hr: k fine, do u have any siblings

    Me: s sir, one elder sister and got married

    Hr: k do u have any questions?

    Me: During the job whom I have to consult periodically and how wil be he and another one is recently I have seen that TCS in collaboration with HP built a supercomputer and y not v

    Hr: he answered 2 my questions, and asked 2 leave

    Me: said thanq and left the place


    That is my whole interview experience, so guys be confident, they look ur confidence level initially and then ur communication skills.


    And the guy outside the panel, wil chek ur certificates and says when wil be the results announced, he told 2 me that results wil be announced in 6 weeks


    All the best, and hope 2 c u all the people at infy

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