Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   College Of EEgineering Roorkee-5 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   College Of EEgineering Roorkee-5 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    HI frnds i'm neha from COER i'm giving some detais here of pattern which infy follow in written exam. Written exam has 2 phase

    1st is GENERAL REASONING.-30 ques & 40 min
     In 1st exam u hav simple questions.frnds u need not 2 practice from R.S. AGGARWAL (APTITUDE).Only VERBAL&NON VERBAL from R.S.AGGARWAL is enough. 

    2nd is  GENERAL ENGLISH.-40 ques & 35 min
    In this exam there are questions depend totally on grammar.If ur grammar is gud thn u can easily crack d exam.

    NOW come 2 the final step & i think dis is totally dependent on ur confidence level , communication skill , & to some extent ur way of presentation .well i'm giving detais of my intrviw hope u'll b benefitted.

    wen i was sitting on chair which was placed out of d room in which d interviews were going on & if i tell u truth i was shivering & my heartbeats were like an express train.

    BUT as i was calld 4 d interview &i ntrd d room all my fear just disappeard.Here is d detail---------------
    ME:Sir may i cum in please
    INTRVIEWR: Yes come in please ( i entered)
    INTRVIEWR:Hav a seat {i tell u his face was just like expressionless & i kept on a smile vry hardly}
    ME:Thank u sir.
    INTRVIEWR: give me ur C.V.
    ME:Ya sure sir (gave it 2 him)
    INTRVIEWR:So wt ur fatr do
    ME: I told
    INTRVIEWR:SO U r from uttarakhand?
    ME: yes sir
    HE:Tell me wt u hv done as a grup activty?
    ME : I told
    HE:Tell me abt ur reading habits
    ME:Sir i read only syllabus books.
    He gave me puzzle & askd mt 2 solv tht

    As i was d 1st person frm my coll facing d intrview so was nervous anyhow i solvd tht puzzle & showd it 2 him
    HE:OK u may go now
    ME:Sir am i solvd d puzzle right?
    HE:{in whole my intrview he smild only tht time saying}:Yes u r right
    ME:Thnk u sir{pickd up my documnts file & stood up}
    ME:Hav a nice day sir
    HE:Thnk u & same 2 u {with a small smile}          

    SO frnds dis was all abt my intrviw.

    BUT remembr 1 thing always in any situation u shud nt loose ur confidence.

    thn AT LAST I was eagrly waiting 4 d results

    Our DIRECTOR SIR along witr d people who were frm infosys came 2 annonc d  results . i just closd my eyes & remembr GOD. & finally in d list of students who were selectd my name was announcd aftr 7 or 8 studnts {dont remembr exactly}. & i was just wht 2 say  & wt not.i 'm 2 much happy tht i'm selectd. 

    SO FRNDS B cool & take it easy it is not so hard 2 krack d INFY exam , all u need is a little knowledg of logic, gud command on grammar & last bt most imp. confidence+gud communicaion skill. & i think tht ur luck matters vry much hope u'll b benefittd frm dis

    C U AT INFY.

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