Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Cambridge-21 Nov 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Cambridge-21 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    HI freinds i gave the infy written on 12th nov. and my intrview ws scheduled at 21 nov.

    nw infy hs introduced 2 rounds of hr.

    1st hr
    there were i sir and 1 mam.
    me-sir may i cm in
    she-so aditya ur an insrumentation engineer
    me-yes mam.
    she-so why do u want to join i.t?
    me-wat ever i cud remember at that moment i spoke
    he-so aditya do u read any magazines or novels?
    me-no sir im an extrovert kind of a person so i dnt read often bt i do read newspaper
    she-ok,then tell me abt previous 2 weeks intrnational news
    me-told it
    he-ok aditya tell me smthing abt shahshi tharoor?
    me-for a moment!!!!!!!!! aftr that i rememberd and told him
    he-ok aditya tel me smthing about united nations
    me-again!!!!!!told him all that i knew(and it ws all wrong!!!)
    she-ok aditya tell me one criteria thats important to u while choosing a company
    me-mam,to me the culture of the company shud be amicable
    she-what does culture means to you?
    me-i didnt expected this question so i said-mam it means the comon language that the people hv
    she-so does that matters to u as in infosys we hv 80% people speaking south indian so hw wil u cope up wit that?
    me-nw i thought it ws all over!!!!!bt still i gave hr a creative answer-mam, if the people im working with doesnt understand my ideas bcoz of language diffrnce so it wil b difficult for both of us and also mam the bigesst advantage w indians hv is that we know atleast 2 languages and engish is one of them so i cn communicate with them in english also.
    2nd hr-
    1 sir ws there;
    he-hello aditya tell me for hw long u hv been waiting?
    me-sir for over 2 hrs.
    he-ok so what u did in that time?
    me-sir,i just talked to my freinds and listen t their intrw experience
    he-k so aditya u gt 80% in 10th and 68 in b.e. so hw cn i expect u to cmplete a work efficiently?
    me-sir in that case i wil give my 120% and make sure that i get atleast 95% out of it.
    he-k so do u hv anything to ask?
    me-yes sir in hw many days wil i b getting to know my result?
    he-within 3 weeks
    me-thnk u
    aftr 14 days i gt my offer freinds the only key to sucess is to b confident...
    all the best..


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