Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   BP Poddar Institute Of Mgmt & Tech, Kolkata -14 Jan 2011

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   BP Poddar Institute Of Mgmt & Tech, Kolkata -14 Jan 2011

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    Infosys campus selection has three steps.
    1) Ppt: They presented it at 8:30 am, it was a one and a half hour presentation where they provide various reasons for people to join infosys. Well, I hadn?t had a good sleep the day before hence I slept the max of the ppt session.

    2) Aptitude test.

    It consisted of two sections:

    a) Reasoning: Probable cut-off 60% total marks 30, time 40mts difficulty level of this section was moderate. Anyone who practices previous Infosys papers and R.S Aggarwal verbal/nonverbal reasoning regularly can clear this part. Some questions were tricky but thinking in right direction will help you clear those questions. As far as I remember the reasoning questions consisted of the following sub-sections.

    i) Find the odd figure out
    iii) Data sufficiency
    iii) Syllogism (quite tricky)
    iv) Some quant questions (easy)
    vi) Data Interpretation (bar graph)

    b) Verbal: Probable cut-off 50% total marks 40, time 35 mts

    The verbal portion was not at all easy regular english news paper reading helps a lot. Practice unseen and sentence correction, blank fill ups from Aggarwal/vikas Aggarwal English book. An english medium background helps but I was not from an english medium school.

    i) Correct sentence
    ii) Rephrasing
    iii) Fill in the blanks
    iv) Inference
    v) 2 paragraphs (one short and one long)

    See the options and decide which paragraph has direct questions asked. Do that first, then do the second.
    Don?t leave both the para as it will help you clear the cut-off

    Out of 360, only 83 students were fortunate to clear the cut-off
    3) HR Interview:
    It is the easy part. The HR people are very good. My interviewer was 60-65 years old. He was very friendly and I never felt uncomfortable answering his questions.

    The main points one need to remember before giving Infosys HR is that be confident. Try not to tell any lie and if
    you do so have information to back it up.

    Don?t look here and there while giving interview. Try to look in HRs eyes.
    My interview went like this,
    HR: Welcome ritz. Please sit down
    I sat and greeted him.

    HR: So what are your hobbies?
    Me: Told him.

    HR: Have you any extra curriculur activities
    Me: Told him abt my nack for chess and cricket.

    HR: You are from a good school, why did you jump to another in higher secondary?
    Me: Because there was no 12th in my 1st school.

    HR: So Mr Ritz why should Infosys select you?
    Me: Told him about my qualities.

    HR: So give me an example of your qualities.
    Me: Gave incidence that prove my confidence, positive attitude

    HR: Tell me about your project and difficulties faced in working on that?
    Me: Told

    HR: Ok. That?s enough. Thank you MR Ritz
    Me: Nice to meet you sir

    I shaked his hand firmly and got out of the room. At 8 pm the list of selected candidates were announced.
    80 students got selected. I was one of them. It was really a mind blowing experience.

    Thank you Infosys.

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