Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bidar-15 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bidar-15 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, I am Shilpa and I had appeared for Infosys campus drive in GND College of Engineering, BIDAR on 15th feb,2008.
    I am very thankful to , and all the students whose valuable feedback helped me tremendously in my preparation for Infosys. 

    Written was quite easy which focussed mainly on Reasoning and English. I could answer most of them. Remember that there is sectional cutoff which may vary from 60% to 70%, so be careful.  There was no negative marking.
    There were more than 630 students who appeared and out of which 18 were short listed after written. After that there was a PI. Here are some questions asked in my PI. 


    (ii)ENGLISH COMPREHENSION TEST (English grammar + passages).

    questions : 30 Time : 40 minutes ALL QUESTIONS CARRY ?ONE? MARK

    [ii] (VISUAL REASONING) 5 figures were given and we are asked to pick the ODD MAN out 5 Questions on this.
       OPTION 1 ? if conclusion can be made by using either of the two statements.
       OPTION 2 ? if conclusion can be made by using only one statement.
       OPTION 3 ? if conclusion can be made by only by using both the statements.
       OPTION 4 ? if conclusion can NOT be made by using both the statements
    5 Questions on this.
    iv](Data Interpretation): For us A BAR Graph Was Given? But here r some other possibilities.. ie Tabular problems too..
    [v] Jumbled Up Problems..[5 qns]
    [vi](Syllogism) 5 Questions on these.

    (ii)ENGLISH COMPREHENSION TEST (English grammar + passages). Questions : 40 Time : 30 minutes
    1.Reading comprehension (easy but solve at last only, if you solve it first, you will end-up guessing for many questions, very very lengthy)
    2.Reading comprehension (it was too easy, try to read it fast while solving)
    3.fill in the blanks with suitable sentences!! (easy ones according to grammar)
    4.choose the one among 4 suitable phrases (sentences similar to the underlined part) for the underlined part of the given sentences. (sentence improvement??Be careful sometimes no improvement is required choose the same phrase)
    5.choose correct sentence from four given sentences (easy ones but be careful, there is only a slight difference and you have to select which is more grammatically correct)
    6.theme detection

    Me: (knocked on the door) Excuse me sir, may i come in?
    HR: yes please.
    Me: (before the chair) good evening sir. (with a firm handshake)
    Hr: Good evening. ( then he shook hands with me. Remember to give a firm handshake. They r looking for confidence). give me your CV. Please sit down.
    Me: thank you sir.
    HR: (After having a glance at my resume) So tell me something about yourself apart from what u have written in your cv.
    Me: (I did not repeat my name because he already knew my name. I said about myself. Please focus on the qualities which they require & which they usually describe in pre placement talk and please do not look rehearsed.)
    HR: tell me something about your family.
    Me: i answered.
    HR:  what are they doing?
    Me: (I said).
    HR: How do u update your self?
    Me: told (newspaper, internet, technical magazines, etc).
    HR: what do u do in your leasure time?
    Me: told .
    HR: shilpa, can u sing a song of your choice (as I had said one of my hobby was singing)
    Me: (sang)
    HR: (then he gave me a puzzle )
    Me: I did not get the answer. ( Not all the questions have a perfect answer. remember while answering just speak about whatever is going on inside your mind. they just want to see your approach towards the problem. this was what I had done.dont lose the eye contact while explaining.)
    Hr: do u have any major illness history?
    Me: no sir. (as I had no such history. please tell the truth as far as possible)
    HR: Do u have any problems for relocation?
    Me: no sir (avoid saying yes as far as possible)
    HR: Gave another puzzle from Shakuntala Devi (divide the crescent into 6 parts by just drawing 2 straight lines)
    ME: answered this puzzle.
    HR: do you have anything to ask to me?
    Me: What kind of preparation do i need to make before joining Infosys, if i get selected?
    HR: He answered. ( just listen to what he says).
    Me: do I need to learn any courses before joining Infosys?
    HR: he answered.

    Thanks you shilpa. this is all i would like to know about you.
    Me: Thank you sir, it was nice talking to you. have a nice day sir (again a firm handshake) .

    During the interviews  HR asked me to have snacks. I calmly replied that I had my lunch.
    please make a point that u don?t eat or chew something in front of the HR. it gives a very bad impression.

    The results were declared 1 and half hours after i was interviewed. I was one among 12 who got through the Interview. A lot of credit goes to for providing such a wonderful forum for students to share their experiences. Best of Luck guys and gals. and if you get selected then do write your feedback, this will definitely help others.

    See u at INFY.

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