Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   AMC Engg College, Bangalore-8 May 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   AMC Engg College, Bangalore-8 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, This is Adith,
    Infosys came to our college for on campus recruitment but it was not just for our college but also for 6 other colleges and itz called pool campus Complete recruitment process was finished in 1 day and it was done in a well organized manner. There were around 500 students who wrote the aptitude test out of which around 90 students got through the aptitude test. Finally around 60 out of 90 students who attended the interview got the job.

    Now i will brief about my experience,
    The aptitude test consists of 2 sections Logical Reasoning and English. First, the logical reasoning paper will be given which contains 30 questions and the time given is 35 mins. Next the english paper will be given which consists of 40 questions and the time given is 35mins.

    The two question papers will be given separately and you dont have have to worry much about time management for different sections since you will be attempting the two papers one after the other separately. The reason they conduct this way is becoz they are looking at our skills separately and they give preference to English score. We were asked to keep our application form on top and then the english answer sheet and then logical reasoning answer sheet at the bottom.

    As far as the logical reasoning was concerned it was quite a normal paper and r.s aggarwal wil be sufficient to do it well. Honestly i dint prepare from any book but for those of you who like to prepare, the book i mentioned will be more than enough. there is no negative marking and plzz attempt all the questions. I dint do this section great but i was confident that i would be able to clear the cut offs which i guess was around 15.

    Now, english paper is tuff and has all sorts of questions including comprehension, fill in the blanks, to find out the grammatically correct sentence etc. now people you have to be fast and dont do the passages in the beginning but come to it in the end. once again attend all the question as there is no negative marking. This English paper is important, so do it well. Well english needs good vocabulary, reading speed, ability to comprohend a certain given material etc. i did this English paper really well as i love English and i am always comfortable with this section. I guess the english cut off was 20+.

    Altogether the aptitude paper is definitely standard especially the English part.

    The aptitude test finished at 2 pm. the results were announced at around 4pm. The only other round and the final round was HR. so people, this is your chance and dont spoil it. they simply dont ask even a single technical question but definitely they are looking at good communication skills, confidence and personality.

    My interview was at around 5pm and it was like this
    ME: may i come in?
    HR: plz come in ... take your seat (dont sit until he tells you to)
    ME: good afternoon sir
    HR: thank you 

    HR: so adith introduce yourself.....
    ME: introduced myself  (i did this with great confidence, i told a bit about myself, my family, my background and my schooling and college and in the end of introduction i gave him a quote in which i completely believe in , Henry Ford said "IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO SOMETHING OR IF YOU THINK YOU CANT DO SOMETHING, EITHER WAY YOU ARE CORRECT")

    HR: (quite impressed with my introduction he went on to ask )  So adith tell me something about your college life apart from academics
    ME: answered this (told him about my passion towards having great personality, about being a leader in a certain group etc etc, one can also mention if  he or she has taken part in co-curricular activities etc)

    HR: have you done any other corse apart from your academics
    ME: answered this (i told him about my dot net course that i did from niit)

    HR: ok tell me adith WHY SHOULD INFOSYS HIRE YOU?
    ME:  answered this yet again with great confidence (told him everything about my personality traits, gave him enough positive points about myself and finally i went on to say that i deserve the job in every way)

    ME: YES (you dont have an option, if you want to get placed you have to say yes )

    HR: (was completely convinced and smiled and said) THANK YOU ADITH .  DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FOR US?
    ME: i asked him about the system followed in infosys to evaluate an employee's performance (i asked this question specifically as i indirectly wanted to give him a clue that i wanted to join them and perform well and hence wanted to know )

    HR: answered my question
    ME: i said THANK YOU

    HR: again smiling , offered a hand shake
    ME:  happily shaked hand (who wouldnt do this?)
    ME: again said thank you (i put the chair back in its place and left the interview room 

    Atlast my interview was over and i was very happy when i came out. Although i was confident i will be offered the job, i kept my fingers crossed until the results were announced. At 9pm the results were announced and when they read my name ......... i was simply blown away and felt on  top of the world......... couldnt beleive it for a few minutes and then the feeling started exploding. IT WAS A GREAT MOMENT




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