Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad-11 Jan 2011

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad-11 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I am Champakali from C V Raman College Of Engg. Infosys came in our college on 12th January, 2011. They gave a short presentation on Infosys Universe (internal structure Infosys, its achievements and future prospects) for half an hour. And test started at around 10:00
    Total eligible condidates were around 390
    Cleared written: 218
    Cleared Infosys: 210
    As usual there were 2 rounds for written tests.
    * Logical Reasoning (30 question 40 minutes)
    * English (40 question 35 minutes)

    Logical reasoning:
    There is no need to read George summer's, Shakuntala devi and oher puzzle books but indeed they give you broad and quicker thinking capabilities, so do solve them if you want 90% or more in 40 minutes. If you don't like solving much puzzles then solve only from R.S Aggarwal it is more than enough for getting 60% or more.
    For us questions were like.
    Question (1 to 5) Non verbal reasoning do from R.S Aggarwal reasoning book. (6 to 10) puzzle question was like this (question is not exact but theme is same)
    There was a man Rama he was having 4 sons A,B,C,and D. A was eldest and D was youngest. There were 20 sacks of gold to be distributed among them as Rama was going to die. They all will get at least 3. B  got 1 more than C. A got heighest and D got lowest. And you have to assume youself as C and give the correct answer as you are C you are knowing only yours no of sacks.
    (11to 15) same as exercise 6C (puzzle test) from R.S Aggarwal Reasoning book
    (16 to 20) Tabulation (exercise.36).  About maintainance of some project in R.S Aggarwal's aptitude book
    (21 to 25) was like from data sufficiency (exercise 17) in R.S Aggarwal's Reasoning book
    (26 to 30) sorry friends but I didn't attended this part.

    1. Do prepare for preposition and preposition related errors.
    2. Do remember word meanings for fill in the blanks.
    3. Our phrase was quite easy (2 phrases were there I suggest you to do this in short period by first reading the question and find sentence related to it, you will defenitely get the answer.)
    4. Theme detection

    It was quite easy as they (HR) were quite sober natured even though he reacted quite different than I presumed the result says it was quite smooth.
    HR: Hello MS Champakali.
    Me: Hello sir
    HR: You have listed so many strenths in your Resume, can you justify all of them with your past.
    Me: Started with example.
    HR counter attacked me (dhisum dhisum)
    Me: Again started with different one but again dhisum dhisum.
    HR: It seems that you dont have weaknesses.
    Me: I do have some elaborated 2.
    HR: Tell me about your Family Background.
    Me: I'm Lion in my Family (Just Kidding)
    HR: Ok Champakali all the very best
    Me Thank you sir, and same to you sir.
    And guess what I'm Infosys..
    All the best friends and juniors.

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