Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   St: Michael's Academy, Chennai-10 Dec 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   St: Michael's Academy, Chennai-10 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi Guys,,

    This is Preethi  Nageswaran frm chennai
    I took up Infosys test on 10 Dec 2006.....
    My Test was at 9 am .. but they asked us to enter the hall by 8 am itself.. as per the company rules.. we got to fil in the application .. form ,, the test was at 9 am sharp..
    The Logical reasoning and Analytical test was bit easy,, we had 6 questions...
    hey  guys i dont remember the exact question.. but it was some thing like these... which may help u ppl

    1st question
    Some thing like ... Manju's Phone num is a 9 digit num .. all the digits added up together is divisible by 9.  frm rite if the 9 digit is taken thr remaining 8 digits is divisible by 8 and so on,, it goes up to 1.. there were five question.. like wat is the 4th num.. frm left etc..
    2nd question
    it was test of reasoning ..
    some pictures gvn . and question like wat  wil be the next picture.. .. five questions,., like tat..
    3 rd question
    data sufficiency question
    4th question
    bar graph and question on it
    sorry ppl i don remember the last two question.....
    only around 450 ppl wrote the test and 63 were short listed .. I too was short listed,,,
    My interview was at 11.20 am on 11 dec.. at Infosys Sholinganallur
    they took my mark sheet xerox copy for verification
    And then called me for interview at 11.45 am there were two HR ppl who interviewed me..
    They gave me three logical reasoning questions,, and one puzzle sort of thing
    they asked abt my paper presentation and my project.. and they also asked question wit respect to my attitude..
    my interview lasted for 15min ..
    i had only one round of interview.. few ppl .. has two rounds in which there were asked technical questions also..
    they told tht they wud get back in three weeks,, but i got my results in one week ,, and to my surprise i got selected ..
    my training is in mysore frm 8 th jan..
    Hey guys plz don lose confidence .... u wil surly come wit flying colors..
    This is the second time i have attended infosys ......and finally selected this time..
    ALL THE  BEST ,,


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