Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   JIITU,NOIDA-12 Mar 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   JIITU,NOIDA-12 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi pals n gals...
    This is Ankit Gupta from JIITU,Noida...
    Had infosys in our campus on 12-13th march for recruitments. The whole procedure was divided into the following heads:

    1) PPT
    2) written paper

    The ppt is basically an intoduction bout infy ,its facilities and package n stuff..But u gt to listen to it carefully k..friends coz u mite need smthing frm it in ur innerviews..

    Then the major part -the written test
    Its a cat like test...2 papers 1) reasoning 2) verbal

    In reasoning test there were 30 quest in 40 min ..basically all those critical reasoning type 2 questions were like that
    3 quuestions on data sufficiency a different one i remember

    Q: what is the two digit no?
    a) the difference between the digits is 9
    b) the sum of the digits is 9
    series of figures type questions wich were actually tough and data intrepretation questions
    Syllogisms r infy`s guranteed questions  n one must prepare them the rules of syllogisms they make ur work simpler

    In verbal thr were 3 reading comprehensions..1 on architecture..n eupoean renaissance and othr on works of great scientists ..
    sentence correction - this my friends is the scoring part basically
    phrase formation ( alternate grammaticaly correct form) of sentences n its parts...
    Always attempt all these questions first b4 goin for RC..
    few synonyms r also asked indirectly so vocab do helps..

    data sufficiency ws also thr based on a passage
    After a few hours in evening the results were declared and thr were as usual 3 ankit guptas in the i had to further enquire bout my name..evry body ws enjoyin the result but i ws busy lookin 4 my name . 1copy of the sheets ws put up 4 bout 500 people :)
    oh jesus my name ws thr ...n i ws so happy as if i hv cleared the interview...
    The next day the inter views were thr..mine went on like below...
    ME: May i come in sir
    HE: Yes plzz
    HE: plz sign on the paper n give me ur resume
    ME:I gave it to him with a smile
    HE: So Tell me something bout yourself
    ME: told my personal background ,academics etc
    HE: Why did u take engineering?
    ME: i replied i ws int in it since fathrs n engineer too from IIT ,grandfathr too ws an engineer n im following the tradition
    HE: he laughs n replies thn why only CSE ..coz thr r jobs??
    ME: told..i love computers ..hv even operated a 486..blah...
    HE: UR HOBBIE IS gk?
    ME: i love it sir
    HE: Whos the president of BJP?
    ME:  Rajnath singh
    HE: who is governer of UP?
    ME:   T.V Rajeshar
    HE: Capital of NAGALAND?
    ME: kohima
    HE: u like formula one also?
    ME: yes sir i enjoy watching the sport
    HE: whos the current champion?
    ME:kimi raikkonen
    HE: how many cars compete in it?
    ME: told him all the teams with drivers...
    HE:(quite impressed ) do u think micheal schumacher hs lost the sheen?
    ME: no sir .hes still thr in the control rooms supervising the teams processes its his dynamic persona n his vast experience that has helped him to do allthis even aftr retirment frm f1
    HE: very true u solve me a puzzle?
    ME: ill try my best sir
    HE: ( gave me a set of 4 equations in which i hd to reduce them to integral form na then solve two at a time)
    ME: (solved it) here sir
    HE: good ,correct ..ohh ur smart at puzzles too?
    ME: thank u sir
    HE: u like history& geography also?
    ME: yes sir i hv inherited this frm my father
    HE: cn u tell me the battle fought between britishers n indians which has considered to paved the way for britishers in india?
    ME: battle of plassey 1757
    HE: very good
    HE: then he started with his own experiences of history...he told me of some battle of patpargan in delhi..
    ws quite a friendly interaction then
    HE: okay ankit nice meeting u questions?
    ME: sir there r so many versions so as to whthr reccession hs set in to us or not..whats ur stand?
    HE: told me dat its into recession and wud affect infosys n othr comapnies too..told bout the fedral reserve cut n all also, mortgage crisis in us
    HE: i hope ur doubt is cleared
    ME: yes sir thank you
    HE :okay u may leave
    N aftr few hours the results were declared..and BY GODS GRACE I WAS SELECTED...I WS GLAD TO BECOME AN INFOSCIAN.....
    SEE U AT INFY...


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