Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   CHENNAI -7 May 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   CHENNAI -7 May 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I got placed in Infosys on 11th may, joining date is on 22nd may ,
    the test was on 7th may , in chennai , adyar-st michael's academy ...
    i am giving the questions and answers watever i remember n a few tips that i followed .
    infosys paper  7th may 2006, adyar chennai
    questions r not in sequence , n i dont rem the marks also , sorry abt that ...

    4 people jack , don , tom, al are caught for robbery , Each one says a particular sentence( dont rem exactly wat they say ) , one of them is lying , who is the robber ??
    Ans  im not sure if i did this correctly but its similar to a few previous infy papers , quite easy , u can do it with help of truth table

    Q 2 .
    it takes a few seconds ( dont rem how mnat , 7 seconds i think ) , to strike 8 'o' clock ,, how many seconds will the gong be striking for one whole day , ?
    Ans , very similar to previous questions ,
    say for 6 strikes it takes 30 seconds , then there is 5 seconds between each strike , 
    now number of strikes in whole day is   2* ( 1+2+3.....+12) = 156
    if there is one sec between 2 strikes then for 156 bstrikes it will
    take 155 seconds ( this is the answer for this particular question )

    Q 3 .
    Mary got her salary , half she spnet in shopping , gave re 1 to beggar half of rest she spent in hotel and gave rs 3 to waiter , .... and so on , . repeated from previous paper , .....
    Ans ,    rs 42

    Q 4.
    Find a ten digit number , the first digit of which is the number of '1' s and second digit is the number of '2' s and so on ,,.... last digit is number of '0' s
    Ans . this was the one question i couldnot attempt , but my friend solved it later on , you can do it with simple trial and error ,
    answer is 2100010006

    Q 5 .
    The same question on sororean nororean and mororean , sororeans only speak truth , nororeans tell only false statements , and mororeans say true n false statements alternately n first senetnce can be true or false , . based on sentences said by 3 persons u hv 2 find out who is soro , noro and mororean ....
    ans , dont rem the answer but quiet esay , can solve this by truth table

    Q 6 .
    Question about a guys age , his son's age is three times his age , total age of him , his son and his father is 720 ( not sure ) ...whats the persons age ?
    Ans .  360 ( dont remember exactly ) , once again quite easy , normal algebra 

    Q 7 .
    question about 6 persons , one is murderer , one is judge , one is hangman , one is victim , one is policeman , and one witeness . .. some conditions were given
    Ans , i think its repeated from prev papers ,
    a little bit tough but if u read conditions carefully there are subtle points  in the conditions which can help u find the answer , for example ....
    one of the condition was
    * mark was the last one to see the murderer ,
    now this obviously makes mark the hangman 
    so well deduce the other persons similarly

    Q 8 .
    A professor teaches poetry to a bunch of students . Different poets like coleridge , eliot , donne ( altogether 6 poets )  and some conditions like
    * all students who like eliot loathe coleridge
    and some more conditions like this
    u have to answer four questions based on this ,
    this problem is there in GRE ( barrons i think , ) analytical book

    Q 9 ,
    samantha , jack , jim and louise , jim beat jack , jack was beaten by both louise and samantha , dont remember the exactlk question , Repeated from previous papers,
    ans , easy 2 solve , dont rem answer , refer previous papers , its
    been explained with answer in one of the prev paper given in placement

    Q 10 ,
    dont rem the question , but i think it was repeated from prev paper ,
    A few tips ( which kinda helped me :) )

    * Lot of people who take the test dont give Importance to neatness , u get 2 rough sheets , explain ur answers as mcuh as u can , even if it looks simple enough explain them as much as u can , specially for 8 marks question draw tables n stuff , MAKE SURE u DO NOT cut/strike out answers once u have written it on MAIN answer sheet ,ur Main Answer sheet should have the answers in neat way , no striking marks ,

    *  lot of ppl say that even though did 8,9 out of 10 correectly they wr not selected , even though another person with same cut off was selcted, i think it depends on a lot of things , ur actual score in test, plus ur past academic record , Work experience etc , so well u can not do much abt it , u shld try ur best 2 do all 10 correctly n hope for the best , i hv seen ppl with 85 % marks in engineering not clearing the test even though they did 10 out of 10 correctly , once again i repeat the importance of detailed layout in rough sheets and neatly
    written down answers on main answer sheets 

    well i think the the most important thing is ur confidence not the number of days u put in , its that " one hour " in the test that matters , i didnt do shakuntal devi or george summers or any other book apart from few analytical question from a gre book , i did solve as many previous papers , and i read lots of tips given by members of this group ( one of them being try 2 sit at the last bench u r sure to get atleast 3-4 minutes etc :) ) also make a mental note of maths question
    u cant solve cos u can solve them after u finsh the english test, and the english test is pretty simple.

    the interview was on the same day there it slef in St michaels academy, ( because elections were to be held next day in TN , i guess)
    anyway interview was totally HR , questions like " tell me some thing abt ur self which is not there in the resume and application " and "wat will u do if u had lots of money and lots of time " " wat kind of work did u do in ur previous job " " why did u quit ur previous job " etc ,
    be confident speak smoothly , nothing hi fi abt the interview , be cool
    thats all....
    I am a 2004 comp sci student  , have worked in a call centre for 8 months and had written infy in 2004 , i hv written test and given interviews in a lot of companies ( almost all the big shot companies)
    i owe a lot to this group , i hv got papers and experiences of other ppl from this group which was very very helpful , thanks a million to freshersworld group ,
    and all the best for all other job seekers.

    (Paper Submitted By : Jay)

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