Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   BANGALORE -9 Apr 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   BANGALORE -9 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Infosys is one of the coolest companies which come to ur college....... The question paper for apti is very easy and u have only one more HR round after u ve cleared in aptitude round. So if u ve cleared apti u are 90% placed.. Out of some 200 who wrote apti 122 got selected and after HR 107 were selected from our college.

    The apti consists of 2 parts:

    1: Logical reasoning.. It was very simple. There wer 30 qns and 40 min. 
    I. I have a 9 digit ATM number which consists of the numbers 1-9 not particulary in that order say PQRSTUVWX. The num is divisble by 9. If u delete de 9th digit de 8-digit num s divisible by 8. if u delete 8th num, the remaining num is divisble by 7 and so on..

    1.What is de sum of the digits in de original number?
    2.What is the digit sum in de original number?
    3.Which number should come in de place of R?
    4.What are de 1st 5 digits of the number?
    5.What are de last 5 digits of the number?

    It seems 2 be difficult but its easy. Jus check de 4th qn.. In de options if de last number of de option is 5 dat is de answer.. nd in the 5th qn de 1st number should be 5.. There is only one option with that number.. The 1st and 2nd sub questions are general in this question.. 

    It was pictures  sequences.. A bit confusing.. Be careful with the answers... 

    III. 11-15
    It was data interpretation general topics basically from R.S. Agarwal 

    IV. 16-20
    One main question wih blanks. It was very simple. U jus had to add diff numbers to fill in the balnks.. basic addition.. 

    V. 21-25
    Puzzle type qn. A speaks Urdu and Marathi. B speaks Marathi and Bengali.. and many more ppl.. 5 questions followed it which were damn easy..

    VI. 26-30
    In each question 6 sentences were given. We have 2 find out which sentences have a relation BCF DEF like dat.. Its easy if u see de options and do it... 

    2. Verbal.
    This was also easy but time consuming.. U have 2 be real fast in reading passages.. better do passages in de last.. 40 questions 35 min They ll give 2 passages.. Big ones and 5 questions following dat..

    Der are fill in the blanks and correction of false statements and many more.. Verbal will be very easy if u r fluent in english but be very fats in reading.. 

    No need to worry bout HR round.. They r very cool and jovial...... My experience was really good and I was selected

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