Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vidyanagar-19 May 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vidyanagar-19 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends,  i appeared for the infosys recruitment on 19 may.on that total of 300 members attended for recritment & they selected 32 mem, sorry to tell i have not selected .but ilike give the entire reasoning paper with 40 questions

    1-5 QUESTIONS : the six faces of a cube are colured Black,Brown,Red ,White ,Green,such that is opposite to black,green is between red&white ,blue is adjacent to white ,brown is adjacent to blue,red is at the bottom,
    Q: 1color opp to brown,2four adjacent colur,3which can be deduced from 1&4,4 from data which color is opp to white ,5.which pairs opp are correct.

    6 -10 Q: based on figure out series: i have figures but unable to draw
    11-15 Q based on Data sufficiency
    11.wat is the cost of cutting a bar into 8 equal parts  A. cutting it into 4 equal segments casts 0.36 B.the first cutting cost twice as much as subsequent cutting
    12.what r 2 num of 2 num is 108 B. sum is 24

    16-20 questions on data interpretation
    the commodity price & the change in price in the past 5 years : table based on Rice,Wheat,gold ,silver,coffee ,&tea

    21-25 Q based on puzzle:
    5 diff music companies ,5 diff films ,5 diff music directores puzzle ,learn it

    26-30 Q based on Syllogism
    26. some clips are small,All are small &big
    27.some books r toys,No toy is red
    28.All books r pencils,All pencils r pins
    29.All papers r Files,some files r pens
    30.All books r pens,All pens r pencils

    ok friends ,i think u have notted it ,plz con on the grammer &then reasoning,


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