Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sydneham, Mumbai-5 Nov 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sydneham, Mumbai-5 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends , I had given the written test of infosys in sydehnam college , Mumbai on 5th nov,2006 . The good news is that infosys has changed the paper pattern . Now the paper pattern is exactly similar to CAT/CET ( Maharashtra ) . All problems of DI , DS, LR, ?t VA,etc . I don?t remember the paper questions but I can give the brief idea of what  the paper consisted .


    Aptitude test had 2 papers :

    1. Maths ? 30 ques in 45 mins .(1 mark each)
    2. Verbal ability ? 40 ques in 30 mins (1 mark each)


    (Ques No. 1-5)  There was a question on logical reasoning , they had given some conditions on 6 books and page numbers . 6 books r kept one above the other in some manner .the books were Sanskrit , Physics,Chemistry,Biology, Economics, English and the pages of books were 205,405,296,317,276,378 not in same order .From some conditions I was able to derive foll diagram :


    Subjects           page number









    I don?t exactly remember the pages of all books .

    From 1st 5 ques , 4 were asked on order of books .The 5th ques was as follows :

    5. if the book binder ,by his fault binds the book cover of 1st book from bottom to the pages of the 4th  book from bottom , book cover of 2nd from bottom to pages of 5th from bottom ,and so on . then what will be the total pages of book with biology colour cover now ?

    The question was very simple .


    (Ques No. 6-10 ) There were 5 ques based on finding the odd figure out of 5 given figure having relation between them.(simple ones)


    (Ques No. 11-15) There were 5 ques based on Data sufficiency .(easy ones)


    (Ques No. 16-20) 5 ques on Data Interpretation .(very difficult  ones)


    (Ques No. 21-25) 5 ques on Logical reasoning .The 5 ques were based on some conditions given .the conditions were based on family tree.(difficult)


    (Ques No. 26-30) 5 ques on sequence on statements given to fit in a proper logical relation. 4 options were given with 6 statements and choose one which is giving a proper sequence .(very easy)


    Verbal ability was pretty simple .

    It had 2 comprehension passages and both were equally simple. And some questions based on fill in the blanks, 2 meanings of given word ,selection of  one option which gives the central idea about the given statements , replacing the underlined sentence with the given appropriate options without changing its actual meaning as in original statement . 




    In interviews , there were 2 rounds for each candidate and both were HR based (with some technical for candidates having little BAD LUCK ) .Else the interviewers were good and friendly.Here , some were asked puzzles from shakuntala devi.


    Well, I hope I have given u the basic Idea of the Changed pattern .

    And Best of luck .


    Sameer Bhatia.

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