Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   St.Michels,Chennai-24 Nov 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   St.Michels,Chennai-24 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends...I attended the Infosys off-campus held in chennai. Let me tell u the pattern...

    1.Written Test
    First of all,you have to fill an application. They'll instruct you.Try to do it fast,correctly and check whether you have filled all the details. For infosys, you have to calculate the % right from your first semester. and then,

    It consists of 2 parts,
     1.Logical Reasoning and

    In Logical Reasoning,
    1-5.Dice problem. 6 Dice are thrown and conditions are
     i) One die shows always 6.
    ii) Three dice shows the same number.
    iii) All other dice shows a number not >4. and there is another one condition given. questions are asked according to these conditions... Its very  simple to solve.

    11-15.A statement is given,and 2 solutions are there(a,b).To solve the statement,
    i) A alone is needed.
    ii) B alone is needed
    iii) Both A and B are needed.
    iv) Either A or B are needed. 
    v) Neither A nor B are needed.

    16-20.Data interpretation.
    21-25.A,B,C,D,E are there and they belongs to U.P,Maharastra,Bihar,Westbengal,Hariyana but not in the same order.
    Each of them likes a dance such as kathak,kuchi,gurgo,tintin,versh but not in the same order. and conditions are given. We have to find the correct match. (Puzzle test).

    25-30.Problems like, All mens are cats.Some cats are toys.(Venn diagram problems).
    (Very simple.Keep yourself relaxed to solve it).

    In English,
    2 Reading Comprehension.
    Fine the correct sentence.
    Find the correct ordering of the sentences from the jumbled one.

    According to me, just come from the options given to solve each questions.
    (For English, basic grammar knowledge is enough.But try to do it as fast as possible)

    2. Interview.
    No Techinical questions are asked. Just be cool, go and speek genuinely.
    No preparation is needed.
    1.What type of person you are?
    2.what are your achivements?
    3.Where you had your schooling?
    4.How many companies you have attended so far?
    5.Why you didn't get placed yet?
    6.What's your hobbies?
    7.What is internet?
    8.what is intranet?
    9.If you are posted in a rural area,and you have only half a day work... Then how will you spend the rest half a day?

    Then they said,the results will be announced after 2 or 3 weeks. Pray GOD for me to get selected in INFOSYS.
    and All the best to all of u,who are going to attend INFOSYS Recruitment process.

    M.Uma Ayswariya.

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