Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Rizvi College Of Engineering, Bandra, Mumbai.-3 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Rizvi College Of Engineering, Bandra, Mumbai.-3 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Dear Friends,  My Name Is Amit Desai, Student Of 3 Year Electronics Engineering Of Rizvi College. I Got Placed In Infosys Technology Ltd. on 3rd Of March. Campus Interview was Held In Dob-Bosco College OF Engineering. Selection Process Was As Followed:-

    Apptitude Test:-1) Maths   30 Q should be solve in 35 min
    2) English 45 Q should be solve in 40 min

    HR Inteview:- Quite Easy One. They will Ask u One  Puzzled And something About Urself. if u can solve Puzzle then Ur chance of Selection in this round is very high. READ SAKUNTLADEVI'S PUZZLE TO PUZZLE YOU  to clear in HR round.

    Maths Q were Quite Easy and less time consuming. But as far as English Is concern You should have High Reading Speed+Strong Grammer. One thing is comman In both The Exam IS that U should Have Logical Way to Reach towards The Answer. And as you know No one is Born Genious. To Increse Ur Reading speed u need to Read Novels, News Papers on regular Basis. To aquire Logical Way U need to solve Lots of Aptitude Q Papers Which Are Present On Different Sites  For Maths Try To Solve R.S.Agrawal. But As Far As Infosys Is Concern concentrat on English. Also For Maths U Required Speed And U Can aquire Sufficient Speed By solving Problems On Internet.

    At the Time Of Our 2 Year of Engineering We Come to know From our TPO Mr. Chandran About this aptitude Test and all That. And From Then on We all Start Prectising For OUR CARRIER, OUR FUTURE AND OUR LIFE.  Actually Our TPO told Us That Shar Ur Thoughts Still Mr. chandran is Very Helpfull to us who got placed by guiding us WHAT TO DO IN OFFICE?, WHAT IS PROFESSIONALISM?  He is also helpfull In HOW TO GIVE HR INTERVIEW? HOW TO BEHAVE?.

    so from the Day U Received This Mail Start Practising for Aptitude and English under the help Of Our TPO Mr. Chandran to Get placed in Nice Co.


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