Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Pune-26 Nov 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Pune-26 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi to all.!

                   This is tarun kumar arya. I have attended the infy written on 26 Nov,2006 in pune. Infy pattern has been changed , as I think it has become easy than previous.because It does not require any special preparation for it.u can cover all paper. Just by reading. R.S.Agrawal. Verbal and nonverbal. So don?t touch any puzzle book. Just go through R/S agrawal reasoning. And u will crack it.

    There are two section .

    1 .    aptitude section.

    2.     English section

            first they give a form to fill up .in  initial 30 mins to fill up a form about ur details(hey get two references name and numeber as u have to fill it in the form also if u know anyone in Infy get his name and number,that will help a lot). Then after filling this form 

    apti paper is given to u . it consist 30 question. And time is 40 minute.

    It ?s very easy. Solve with a smart approach. Don?t go sequentially. Fist solve those question that

    U can solve just in a look. Don?t attempt those question  which can take more time.even a minute.

    The question are not in my memory. But as much as I can recall that.


    1.    first question was on a cube . and it is painted four side. And if we cut in 3 part then how many ones sided color. Something was this type. If u can solve exactly it withour taking time and have previously solve it. Then attempt it. Don?t try first time there. It may time consuming.(5 ques. Base d on it)

    2.   in secong question there was 5 subquestions . these was figure based. Which will be the next .  usually asked in baknking examination. These questin are given in the last of R.s. agrawal.(5 question were such type)

    3.  5 question on data sufficiency()

             some data is given to u. and u have to calculate something. And u have given some statements given . (and  only 1 is sufficient. Or only 2 or both. These type)
    question were based on quanta section(so just go for a light reading of profit loss , ratio. Time and work formule)( 5 question were such type)

    4.   A question was on data interpretation (so also preapare it)(5 ques)

    5.  and I advise all to attend this question was from r.s. agrwal puzzle type.

    First structure the  given information(very easy) and u will find automatically ans of all

    Five question base on given information.

    The question was here are four cricket palyer , each has it?s own style , and each have a proficiency in particular shot. Players were sachin , rahul , dravid, vinod kabli. .u all will

    Slove this question attempt it first

    6. some question based on logical reasoning. These are very easy ,so attempt them seconn. They were on the last page of ques paper.(solve them by the venn digram)

     like all men are crows

     all crow are hen then this type of something

    English section.

        The second set was basic English knowledge like paragraph reading,tense,grammar,appropiate word filling etc.No need to study anything for english,only answer all the questions provided(total 40 questions in 30 minute),dont leave anything.

    If u have confidence in grammar section then attempt them first. This is my advise.and rest depend on u?r level.

    My interview experience:


    here is only one hr interview . sometimes they take two interviews..

    they always ask abt u'r three strengths and three weakness. with example. wheere u have proved them.

    why do u want join infy. and and what r u 'r qualitiex. . they always ask about curriclular activities. so prepare them well even  if u not confident. they can give u a puzzle. it is not necessary to solve it .just try with a good approach. and while solving don't be nervous. bcoz it is the fact only 10 solve puzzle out of 100.prepare well abt infy. if u any gap in acadmic .then preapre for reason.tell me  aby u'rself.hobbies. definition of success. r u success.jus read u'r cv pune in first hr. there was total three hr .two were man and one lady. all r seniors.u'r family. project. no thechnical.

               if there is only one hr. then it means  u' r complelely in or out. two hr means . 50-50%.
    last movie u have seen. abt director. is it good of remixing of old movies with new one. ur opinnion.

                seconnd hr interview is by a cool hr person, his age was abt 26 -28. and if u r confident. and good acadmeic record. then dont' worry. it become easy.any question to us. these general quesiton.

    be positive .confident. this is the key of success in all interviews

    so friends , I shared my experience at infosys with u all.

                                                                           Ok , best of luck to all !



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