Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-20 Aug 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-20 Aug 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    If u have innovation n creativity then cracking Infy is real fun......
    its a test of ur analytical n verbal power.....if u r creative n innovative then u can easily solve the analytical reasoning part(its the 1st part of the aptitude test consisting of 30 questions n 40 mins time) n if u r good in english means mainly u hav a great idea abt english grammer then u can easily solve out the verbal part, consist of 40 questions n 35 mins this part there must be some biggi biggi unseen passages from which u hav to ans the u hav to b good in comprehension skills.....but honestly speaking its realy easy to crack for students like me who atleast study 2 hrs a day(everyday)....
    now the HR/PI part of the whole procedure.....its the most dangerous part cuz uhav to hold ur nerve here n hav to trust ur ability constantly......
    here is some question they asked me in mah HR/PI..

    Me: (after knocking the door for two times when he saw me) may i come in sir??
    Sir: yes come in
    Me: Thank u sir.. after reaching the chair where i supposed to sit i wished him good afternoon
    sir: take ur sit..
    Me :thank u sir
    Sir: what's ur name?
    Me: told
    sir: tell me something about urself
    me: burst out all mah abilities n good qualities in front of him...
    sir: ok temme 10 different uses of a pen
    me: told(ot ten but atleast 5)
    Sir: hw can we measure the hight of a tall building wid barometer
    Me: told
    Sir: if i give u 10 bricks, temme 10 uses of those bricks..
    Me: told(all of r constuction related.....say something more innovative like for body building(gym) n for traction)
    Sir: r u a team leader?
    Me: yes
    Sir: temme 5 positive traits a team leader should hav???
    Me: told..
    Sir: if u r a captain of a team n ur team is lossing constantly, then what will u do as a captain to motivate the player
    me: told
    sir: ok its enough ..u may go now.....
    me: nice talking to u sir.. have a nice day n shaked my hand wid him n went out......
    it was a real easy interview one can dream of.......but b careful dont stuck in a particular question.. if u don't kno honestly tell him that u don't have any idea about that innovative, they just want to see hw good u r prepared for a task that is very new to u.....try to avoid lies.......u must b careful abt ur body language, your presentation of urself, manners n other impo stuffs.....if all goes well, you will b in best of luck.
    i was among the 8 students of mah coll those were selected...........

    so best of luck for u ppl toooo.............

    just give ur best..ur dream will positively come true.....

    Love u all.. take care.....n give ur best.. luck will b always wid u......

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