Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-19 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-19 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hey ppl this is Mohit Agarwal from IEC-CET,Greater NOIDA m from department of electronics n communication 3rd year.
    Infosys campus recruitment test was held in mah college on 19th of feb 2008n hr i would like to share mah experience with u ppl ,hoping dat it may help u in anyways!

    The Selection consists of 2 Phases :-
    a) Written Test    
    b) HR Interview

    written test consists of two papers:-
    1)  APTITUDE:
    30 questns in 40 minutes..

    5 questns about arithmetical reasoning
    5 questns on series completion (figure)
    5 questns on puzzle test
    5 questns on data interpretation (graphs)
    5 questns on data sufficiency??..

    2) Verbal Reasoning (English) :-
    40 questns in 35 mints..
    2 big paragraphs followed by 5 questns each, although paragraphs were bit lengthy bt they were damn easy?
    8 questns on identifying correct sentences?..
    8 questns on sentence correction?
    fill in d blanks- 8 qustns..
    6 questns on small paragraphs?

    Result wr declared after 2hrs frm d completion of written test. 


    • Basically they r not interested ur answer of puzzles, they r checking ur approach
      So solve them nicely on the paper as u can or explain them verbally how r u solving ur problem.
      usually very old people r HRs of Infosys. They want us 2 be very POLITE and confident.
      So be POLITE and DON?T SHOW UR ATTITUDE. DON?T ARGUE with them.
      Prepare some common things e.g. which newspaper u read, name of its editor, which sections of paper u read, hw u gather information, wht u surf on internet, do u hv any girlfriend etc
    • My HR was a very old person.

    My experience is as follows:

    ME: may i come in sir(loudly n confidently)
    HR: oh plz ,take ur seat.
    ME: thankyou very much sir'
    HR:it was a long wait for you!
    ME:yes sir,buuh i dont mind waitin wen mah lyf is on edge of a turn to infosys.
    HR:ok dats very fyn.
    HR:so mr mohit temme one quality of urs which appreciate n one which u dont.
    ME:well sir .. m a good leader n d thing which i dont like in me is dat m very bad at kitchen.
    HR: so wen u hav to cook?
    ME:wen mah mom is not thr at home.
    HR:. u said u r a good leader.!can u prove me ur words givin ny example?
    ME:blah blah ... convinced him ..
    HR:very good(drawn 3 beakers on a paper n labelled 1 as solid othr as liquid n d last as gas)   mr mohit wat u observe in this?
    ME:said sir in solid d particles r closely packed so it hav more strenght n blah blah .. many things
    HR:mohit do u drive car?
    ME:yes sir,infact m very passionate bout driving n riding bikes.
    HR:suppose u r standing at a fuel station ,n u r havin cold ,u hav two beakers one  containin petrol n othr diesel .how will u judge which beaker hav which fuel ?
    ME:answerd five ways two indentify d fuels\
    HR:mr mohit temme d similarity between diamond n graphite.
    HR:which has more carbon content ?
    HR:any question do u want to ask?
    ME:sir i think i shd knw d name of d person whom m talkin 2
    HR:sorry friend v r not allowed to share this kinda information .. well all d best for    ur future...

    Around 900 students attended the test and out of them 82 were finally selected, nd with d  Gods grace I was one among them.And at last I wud like to thank for providing such a wonderful platform to the students 4 sharing their experiences? 

    See u frnds at infy ?.

    BEST OF LUCK!!!                                              

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