Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-11 Mar 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-11 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    The procedure began by a presentation on the company....believe me one of the best presentations i have ever seen. It was for about 1- 1.1/2 hrs. There they will tell u every thing about the company, people on the board, training place, etc....
    Then they began the aptitude test. It was a written test with two parts.
    A. Logical Reasoning.
    B. Verbal (English). 

    The first part consists of 30 questions and time given is 40 min.
    It is a Very simple test, only Simple logic required to solve it. Actually there is no need to solve any book but still if u want u can refer R.S.Agarwal, verbal and non verbal book. Some questions from our paper were like:
    1.All dogs are lions, all lions are cats ,all cats are dogs.......and many more like these sentences were given and we were asked to find whether the 3rd part can  be deduced using the first two or not (around 6-7 questions).
    2. Then about 5-6 questions on picture 4 pictures are given find the next.....very simple
    3. There were 5-6 questions on data the selling price of a tv which was sold for 25%profit is... (i) Cost price is 2500 (ii) if sold for some amt profit would be y amt, then
    (a) Only (i) is sufficient
    (b) only (ii) is sufficient
    (c) Both (i) and (ii) are required
    (d) Data not sufficient.
    I cannot remember this question but others were also like this only.
    4. Then there was a table given, half filled and half blank......and around 5 questions were asked on it.
    That?s all I remember about this section.

    The next section was verbal with 40 questions and 35 min.
    1. Two big passages with 5-6 questions on each
    My sincere advice.....attempt these passages in the end only....because it takes a lot of time to read the passage....each passage is about 2 pages 1-2 questions are like.....a statement from the passage is given and asked what can u understand from this. Then for other questions search for the particular word in the u wont have enough time to read the passage.
    2. Then about 10 questions on sentence completion....i.e. select the correct words and appropriate tense.......even this is easy
    3. Then there are about 5 questions on small passages (around 5 lines).

    I cannot recollect all the questions.....I did not refer any book for this I don?t know where these came from....but the questions are on plain English.
    The cut off is about 50% for logical and 60% for verbal. if u clear the aptitude consider yourself 90% selected in the company.
    We had to wait for around 2 hrs for our aptitude results. Once they are declared they directly start with the wear Ur formal dresses and be ready before the results.

    My interview began immediately after the results were announced. my HR was really good, very friendly...
    HR: Come in. have a seat
    ME: thank u ma'am....good afternoon Ma'am.
    HR: Good was Ur aptitude?
    Me: pretty good.
    HR: good....ok....tell me something about yourself...
    Me: (I started off with the answer.....)do prepare this Question Very well.......when I was talking about my hobby...reading, i was interrupted and asked....which was the last book that I read....I said the last Harry potter she asked me whether it is the last or I replied as of now yes...but J.K. Rowling might write again but not with Harry as the main lead..... (Be sure of what u say. even if u r not say it with full confidence). then I told her about the current book that i am reading. So she asked me if I would kike to share something from that i told a part of it.....  
    HR: Ok ...can i have Ur CV?
    ME: I gave her one copy.
    HR :( Without reading it) im giving u a puzzle.....use 9999 to make 100.
    ME: (while i was trying to do it she was reading my resume) after a lot of trial and error i got the answer......9/9+99....another answer....99/.99....(it does not matter whether u get the answer or not, what matters is that u not stop until they tell u to do so)
    HR:Ok i give u one more....these are three match sticks....(she drew 3 matchsticks). use 3 more to make 9.....this was very simple...I arranged these six match sticks to form a roman 9 i.e (ix)
    for these puzzles refer shakuntala devi or previous infy interview questions or plain common sense (i used the last one)
    HR:U are wearing this dupatta (since i was wearing a salwar kameez) give me other uses of it...
    ME: gave all the possible very innovative in these type of questions....I think she was quite impressed by my answer...
    Then there were some general questions on my family, my relationship with my cousins, etc
    HR: ok thank u. Then I got up
    HR: are u ready to relocate (I was standing and about to leave when she asked this question to me)...I hope u know that infosys does not have a branch in Mumbai...
    ME: yes, im
    HR: are Ur parents willing to send u.
    ME: yes.
    HR: ok...thank u
    Then I got up, arranged the chair......said thank u and left the room........

    This was how my interview went on... We had to wait really long before the results were announced....Finally they were announced at 8 pm......and my name was one of them....
    Believe me friends all u need to get selected in infy is common sense, good English, little innovative answers and confidence.....

    ALL THE BEST to everyone who is trying for infosys and hope u too become an INFOSCION like i did....


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