Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Lovely Professional University, Jallandhar-7 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Lovely Professional University, Jallandhar-7 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello everyone... no wasting time on beating about the bush... coming to point, the aptitude paper of Infosys IT sector was NOT tough, the English section WAS.. almost everyone whom i talked after the exam was telling me that apti paper , they cud do. but no one was sure bout english paper  the pattern was the one followed more recently in december 2007 and jan feb 2008 

    they gave 30 ques of apti in 40 mins and 40 ques of eng in 30 mins 

    apti paper :
    ques no 1 - 5
    ques was regarding some sign language, then a sentence was to be translated in that language, very easy ques, no prep for this required 

    ques no 6 - 10
    sylloligsm based but not the one given in R.S . aggarwal reasoning book.. but practice those questions of logic from this book n u ll be able to solve those ques 

    ques no 11 -15
    puzzle based on who teaches which subject and on which day ... relatively tough compared to one given in RS ( i assume everybody is preparing from this book, coz i did and i can say its enough for this test) 

    ques no 16-20
    ques on pie chart i recommend , do this one first.. coz its very  easy mayb lenghty but in the end u get the accurate result, which is required to build confidence at start of paper..

    PS - there is hardly any long calculation involved, just keep on writing percentages like 40% of 30% of 3/12... now this is just a small example, but i hope u got the idea... 300 ;-)

    for pie chart ques, do atmost 5 ques from RS but solve each step of those 5 ques and u will master them

    ques no 21 -25
    ques of data sufficency do RS , that will be sufficent... 

    ques no 26-30
    choose the next figure, practice atleast 20 to 40 from RS reasoning, understand the logic by reading the answers to those questions 

    The order of questions may vary coz i got the time to write all this after a long gap and i dont remember the sequence....coming to english paper.... ques no 1-5 and ques 6 -10

    comprehension reading....
    some guys out here feel it should be done at the end but i will say do it first of all because the questions that will follow will kill ur time , because u will just keep on thinking bout those questions and in infy english paper TENSE FILLING questions have almost same options so u will waste a lot of time thinking bout them, and if u will do these at end, u will have less time to think, dont worry .. less time or more time  u will arrive to same answer because perception about tenses remain same no matter how much time we spend reading them 

    In comprehension ques, search para graph wise, like the answer to first question will be in 1st paragraph or atmost in 2nd para... so dont read the whole comprehension, search for KEYWORDS and that also paragraph and question wise.. 

    ques 11 -15
    give the best sentence to above para which either supports the para or means the same as the para 

    ques 16-20
    fill words like "will go/ would go", i mean the most appropiate one

    ques 21 -25
    correct the sentence like a sentence will be given and four options will be given the options will have the above sentence in different forms, u will have to select the one which is technically the most accurate rest ques i dont remember now

    LET me give some tips
    do pie chart first of all
    then do figure ques
    then language
    and choose the rest order by looking at question paper.

    do both the comprehensions at first tick the option in english paper which u think sounds correct, believe ur intutiveness attempt all questions as there is no negative marking 


    believe in urself even if u have failed in first 10 companies, its very difficult to do i know but just believe that today is ur day , no matter what has happened in the past. 

    after u finish ur paper, the result will be announced in 3 to 4 hours , so relax and cool down ur heels in this time, talk to ur gf, bf in bw or move around with ur friends.... i m not telling this for making this paper funny, it will help u relax a lot, forget the paper and dont discuss the questions... be busy eating or whatever changes ur focus... 

    but be prepared with ur resume and ur formal dress coz the interview will start shortly after the announcement of the result 

    i wsnt prepared with my formals , and one of my friend was without a resume and he gave the interview without the resume and he got selected, sincere advice still, take a copy of resume with u 

    the result came about at 6 pm that day and i was more than delighted to hear my name. In all 250 odd students were selected out of 1300 ppl for interview, from our college 24 managed to go through ... 

    they will announce the result in decreasing order of marks obtained and IF UR SCORE IS GOOD, the interview is mere formality 

    well the my interview was at 8 pm , let me tell u my rank in that list was 7th or 8th, so i wasnt the best scorer.. 

    my interviewer was the coolest , among all panel interviewers

    I entered the room, asked for a seat and He gave me a attendence sheet to sign he asked me to sign my resume and give it to him then while he started reading my resume, he casually asked me, " tell me something bout urself" 

    now prepare it well... i said my name is... i m frm .... my branch is .... and then i told him some of my strong points like i m cool and composed under pressure situations when everyone around starts to panic and few other strong points 

    then he asked me every question based on my resume so i wont mention again n again he asked me what have i done in my 2 months training and interrupted me with a technical basic question then he asked me y i have choosen handball while ppl normally play ckt...then he asked me y i hav so weird hobbies of reading psychology, analysing ppls behaviour , interpreting dreams and being a gadget freak 

    we had a very long discussion on this topic , for around 8 mins the main point here to tell is that have a resume that says something of u... also u should know every single detail of ur hobbies because they normally concentrate on hobbies show good comm skills, be calm and think before u answer, dont rush for an answer 

    after our discussion, ( he knew a lot more than me about psychology and dreams so we had a long chat on it) then he asked me to solve a puzzle, make 100 with 6 9's ie 999999

    even if u know the answer, it is advisable to wait few seconds before u answer... i solved it this way 999/9.99

    he was impressed by the simplicity of answer 

    then he said , ok it was nice talking to u, i would definately like to talk to u again , then i stood up and shook hands with him ... then he asked me while holding my hand, who is the CM of bihar, i answered then he asked, and of rajasthan , i honestly did not know so i said sorry sir, he said its a lady , i again thought for a sec and said sorry again, he said  she will love to be analysed by u, i cud not answer because i didnot know she was vasundra raje, i never heard of her , to be honest. then he said, ok thank u, and with thank u , i left the room 

    and i cud guess that i was selected. 

    when the result came out at aroun 12.40am , those moments were the most memorable ones

    18 out of 24 of our college got placed 

    hope this writing will help more of u to get selected and when u do, dont forget to come up and meet me in mysore.. because i love making friends and helping ppl 

    this writing is my way of paying back what owe to me because i read a lot of papers of infy b4 my paper and they helped me a lot, hope this one helps a lot of ppl 

    my good wishes r with u

    Rupinder pal singh

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