Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   LNCT,Bhopal-21 Dec 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   LNCT,Bhopal-21 Dec 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello frnds I attended infy recruitment at LNCT Bhopal on 21st of dec. there were around 400-500 students apprd and of them only 67 stdnts could clr d wrtn n apprd 4 d intvw. I was one of d candidate, who appeared 4 d intrvw.

    frnds it was my 3rd chance for d infy n this time i cleared d wrtn now I am waitng 4 d reslt de told me dat de  infrm after 4-6 weeks please frnds pray 4 me, Infy is my dream company

    d pattern was same as given on this sitebut only d point u should keep in mind d time mangmt n selection of d qns and u can clear d wrttn.

    In my wrtn test in analytical section
    1. it is abt 5 women there crponding flower in there balcony n child who pluck it , u have to solve this situation, its a lttle bit tough qns i solvd only a portion of qns n jumped on d next qns.
    2. it was d find d misssing figr 1 was tough n othrs were easy
    3. it was dt intr qns ileave n jumped to d next
    4. it was d data sufficiency qns these r easy one, u should only have to prac some qns from any instt cat material n u can do these
    5. this qns  was abt 7 stdnts P Q R S T U V some bet their marks and their fav sub were given n u have to find their rank in d class, it was an easy qns
    6. it was a syllogism qns, these were from Career Launchers verbal logic booklet

    Now in d verbal (English section) there were 40 qns in 35 min. I want to suggest those whose eng. is not good that please attend first d psgs because can be simply answered just by reading d pssg while grmr qns require good command over.

    In my eng sec one psssg was relatd to tawa nadi dam which was an article from d TOI Editorial I read it earier also,another was related to god and spirituality which was also easy. So frnds please attmt these pssgs first bcoz here u can easily secure 10 marks while grmr qns were very confsng to ans

    Hemendra Saxena

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