Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Hyderabad, St.Martin College, CPM-5 Dec 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Hyderabad, St.Martin College, CPM-5 Dec 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frs, I gave my infy test on 5th, it was thru CPM(placement assistance), 1080 approx, 70 written, After Hr we r said that, we wil be mailed within 4 or 5 weeks,

    The pattern was as usual,
    1-5, puzzle, The Q was like 5 couples went to picnic, room nos given, we hav to find who is husband of whom, which room no they stayed, like that, , bit tough,
    6-10 Figures, Odd man out, easy(not from Agarwal, but easy)
    11-15, data sufficiency, Easy,
    16-20 Data Interpretation, Easy, Time taking.
    21-25 Puzzle,(like 3 females, males, three floors, three job roles, no female same job, no same job in  floor, etc. if we transfer ones roles to other, how to change male roles) , Easy one, (like  Agarwal puzzle test, jumbling type Q's)  )
    26-30 Syllogisms, Prepare Agarwal,( for us in one line all three r given, like that 4 lines,
    ex  A is B, some B are C, All B are C
    Z is B, all Z are T, All Z are  B) )in that which is/are correct), This is Not exact que, model.

    We were given verbal after 5 min,
    Paper was ok, general grammar,
    Same Pattern,
    (1-5, 6-10)  2 lengthy passages( i did in d last),
    Fill in Blanks,
    Error correction in the sentences,
    Passage conclusion, detection,
    (I think sectional cut off is there, i saw one paper with 19 Reasoning, 18 verbal was thru wriiten)
    My suggestion is, in Reasoning  Work on  topics like Figures, Data suffncy, Syllogisms perfectly, they r easy to solve, less time taking)
    In verbal see RC at the last,,,, see questions asked on conlusions carefully, i was askd for contradict statement to conclusion)
    Then they announced results after taking 2hrs time,
    In 1080 approx, 70 for HR, same day HR,
    We waited in a hall,
    I was called after an hour for HR,

    Two Old People(Men),
    Looked pretty cool,,

    Me: Excuse me sir,
    They wished me, i wished them, waited for them to take my seat,
    HR, tell me abt urself something other than your CV,
    Me; Blah, blahhhhh
    Gave me one topic( why people change comp, is it for money or skills, ) Askd for My comment on that,,
    Same puzzles like Match sticks, make 4 equi trgls,
    then car nuts, manage with other nuts,
    then he askd my cricket, hobbies, etc, askd ques, where, what happnd, etc,, cricket team position, any cup won like that
    r u willing to relocate,
    Night shifts,, etc,,
    I told yes for all,,
    Thank you, firm shakehands...
    Came out.
    Then they said within 4 or 5 weeks results will be mailed,,,,,

    My frs wer askd someQ's like If God asks for a wish,
    Happiest moment in life,
    Embarrassing moment in life,
    sad moment,
    Any bad habit, quality u like to change r remove,,,

    Be confident for written, And Be cool in HR, The only mantra in HR is "Be Cool" 
    Thanks to one and all who mailed papers on freshersworld portal,,,

    All The Best,,

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