Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Hyderabad-3 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Hyderabad-3 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends i am mallikarjun

    i had written test on 3rd feb 2007 at hyderabad
    there are 2 sections
    1) Reasoning 30 qs (45 min)
    2) English 40 qs (30 mins)

    some questions were on data suffiency my que was
    1)which one is greater a/4 or b/6
    1 2a>3b
    2 4a<5b
    2) there are 5-7 que are on logical reasoning.dorectly go trough the 9 rules in R.S .AGARWAL
    3) picture ques
    go though odd man out pic problems from R.S .AGARWAL
    4) there are two puzzles each contains 5 ques
    1) there are 100 students each one has own room in a hostel . tey went on occation
    and came back 1st personb opend all doors next one closed 2 4 6 8........
    next one 3 6 9...............
    2) blood relation puzzle
    go through all types pozzle problems from R.S .AGARWAL
    i didn't get any cubes and dice problems but u once go through that they important
    don't do RC s first they are lenghthy time consuming do it at last and don't simply read whole paragraph blindly first read ques understand try to find out key words from para read lightly and fastly
    2) some gramatical ques based on tenses
    3) correction of sentences go through some toefl structures
    4) there are some(5-6) small RC ques contains sigle que
    1) he has given me 4 topics and told me to talk on any one for one min preparation tome is 30 secs
    i have chosen if i were the PM of india
    2)a puzzle
    3 containers 3 , 4, 4 lit
    we have to pour water into 4 by using 5 and 3 and there is no marking on them
    i did
     5 lit  3 lit
      0      3
      3      0
      3      3
      5      1
      0      1
      1      0
      1      3
      4      0
    3)and asked my role in project
    okey ALL THE BEST
    pray for me bye

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