Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Heritage Institute Of Technology. Kolkata-11 Sep 2010

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Heritage Institute Of Technology. Kolkata-11 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is Surya prakash choudhary from B.I.E.T Suri(west bengal). I took party in off-campus conducted by Infosys technologies. There was no negative marking.

    There were two papers.
    Paper 1(40 questions, 40 minutes).
    paper 2(35 questions ,30 minute).
    In paper 1 there were logical, quantitative, Verbal  and Non Verbal reasoning questions. 5 problems from figure type odd one out reasoning(they wer easy). 5 problems from  Data Interpretation(they we also easy). There were 5 logical probs  based on some facts, they were somewhat difficult, I coluldn?t do those probs But guessed one single option. There were 5 problems Based on some facts, I also couldn?t do that due to lack of time and guessed. There were some more logical problems, you can practice them from R.S. Aggarwal.
    One suggestion you don?t need 2 worry about shakuntala devi puzzle or summers puzzles because I couldn?t find problemss from there. You just practise different types from R.S Aggarwal and most important thing you should know various types only, by cool mind you can solve any problem.
    Paper 2 was English knowledge test, there were 2 comprehension one very easy and one difficult(total 10 questions). There were sentence completion question(mainly from preposition, article, verb etc). There were also sentence correction questions. So, friends  you need to manage year time well and year Level of English.
    About 1500 hundred students appeared for the test from various colleges of West Bengaland out of them 393 cleared aptitude round. As usual they didn?t ask any technical question in interview. I went here with cool mind and they told that they will send final results via email. Still waiting for confirmation but I'm sure that I will must be selected, hope this experience may help you guys in clearing aptitude round because aptitude round is the main elimination round in infosys. See you guys in infosys soon.
    HR: So Surya, tell me something about your project.
    ME: I explained well.
    HR: What was the most interesting in your project?

    ME: I explained.

    HR: Tell me something about your family background
    Me: Told
    HR: Asked many questions from resume. I had mentioned quiz so he asked 4-5 G.K questioned and luckily I answered and at last he told me nice 2 meet  you and you can leave now.

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