Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Heritage Institute Of Technology, Kolkata-10 Sep 2010

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Heritage Institute Of Technology, Kolkata-10 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Infosys paper 2010.

    This is Ujjwal from JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani. My stream is Computer Science & Engineering.
    Friends it was the off-campus drive for WBUT student. The test was on 11th September. Aptitude paper of Infosys are little bit tough in compare to others.

    There were two papers:

    Paper1 (30 questions, 30 minutes): In this paper, there were

    Questions 1-5: Puzzle; it was tough
                6-10: Missing figure
              11-15: Data sufficiency
              16-20: Based on some chart,it was very easy
              21-25: puzzle. It was from R.S. Aggarwal                 
              26-30: logical problem

    Paper2(35 questions, 40 minutes):

    There were 2 passage, correct/incorrect sentences, fillin the blanks.

    There were no any negative marking but individual cutoff is fixed. For paper1 it was 60% & for paper2 it was 50%. Friends only solve different types of problems of R.S. Aggarwal verbal & non-verbal and go through practice paper. You can cover 80-90% question of Infosys.

    Aptitude is elimination round in Infosys. The result were decleared around 5 pm. Some of the student were called for HR round in same day but my interview was on 12th September.


    I said may I come in sir, my HR was approax 50 years old.

    I was called at 12 pm, so I said good afternoon sir then HR saw his watch, smile and told me good afternoon and sit down.

    Me: Thank you sir.
    HR: Ok Ujjwal can I call you Mr. Kumar.

    Me: Told
    HR: Tell me about your project

    Me: Told
    HR: Interrupting between, how many member in your project and his role?

    Me: Told
    HR: Did you find any difficulty?

    Me: Told
    HR: Is infosys your dream company? why?

    Me: Told
    HR: Okay Mr. Kumar if you will not selected then what will you do?

    Me: Told
    HR: If I will fulfill your dream then what will you give me?

    Me: Told
    HR: Currently where are you and what are you doing right now?

    Me: Told(I was telling but he was looking at my CV)
    And after some tome he told me nice to meet you and you can go.
    And he shaked hand and told me see you at Mysore.

    Me: Thank you sir.

    They told us that result will be mailed within 3 week but result were publish after 2 months.

    But thank god I was selected. They offer the annual salary of 3.25 and during training 2.70.

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