Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Greater Noida-19 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Greater Noida-19 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello friends!! this is megha bhatnagar from iec-colg of Engg & tech, greater noida. m a student of computer science. infosys conducted campus recruitment process at our college on 19th feb. apart from our colg,3 other colgs had participated in this process. from our college 64 students qualified written and finally 55 made it to infosys.
    b4 the written test v had 2 fill an application form.remember 2 fill the form carefully. mk sure u mention your correct marks. dnt forget to sign near your marks that indicates that your marks r correct (i forgot 2 do so).

    the written test comprise of 2 sections:
    1. Reasoning Section  
    2. Verbal Section

    at first, reasoning paper was given along with the answer sheet. after 40mins reasoning paper was taken away and v were left with the answer sheet only. after that v had the verbal paper and after 30mins both the ques paper and answer sheet wr taken away.
    in the reasoning section there were 30 ques that were 2 b done in  40 mins. kindly note friends that r.s.agarwal is more than sufficient.
    the verbal section consisted of 30 ques that were 2 b done in 30 mins. again r.s.agarwal is more than sufficient. 
    the result of written test was declared at about 5:00p.m.64 students cleared the written test. after then was the HR round. mine turn came at 7:15.
    my HR was an old-aged lady. she ws really polite and soft-spoken.

    my HR round goes as follows:
    ME: may i cum in maam
    HR: she indicated me 2 cum in.
    before i cud wish her she indicated me 2 have a seat. still i wished her.
    ME: gud evening maam.
    HR: gud evening.
    HR: okay megha! describe yourself.
    ME: answered
    HR: what are your hobbies
    ME: answered
    HR: asked me details about ETV talent hunt show (i had mentioned it in my CV)
    ME: answered
    HR: what qualities make u different from others
    ME: answered
    HR: give evidences from your life to prove ur leadership qualities (i had mentioned it in my CV)
    ME: answered
    HR: what r ur extra-curricular activities
    ME: answered
    HR: do u read any newspaper
    ME: answered
    HR: what r today's headlines
    ME: answered
    HR: okay, close your eyes and describe what all u see in this rum
    ME: answered
    HR: what is the surface area of this rum
    ME: answered
    HR: what is the height of this rum
    ME: answered
    HR: do u want 2 ask anything from me. 
    ME: maam. what preparation should i do b4 joining infosys
    HR: answered
    HR: okay megha!!u may leave now. all the best

    at  11:40p.m. results were declared.55 students made it 2 infosys
    friends!! i would like 2 say prepare yourself with your CV, current news. last but not the least be confident and soft-spoken. all they check is ur confidence and communication skills.
    i m very thankful to god, my parents and my elder sister for guiding me.


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