Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Dr.B.C.roy Engineering College, Durgapur-4 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Dr.B.C.roy Engineering College, Durgapur-4 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends.I am ARITRA SANYAL currently doing my 3rd year of engineering from COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT,KOLAGHAT. Infosys has been my dream company but as heard from all and going thru the test papers of infy i was really nervous wether i will be able to make it or not.Our interview was an off campus interview.We reached at the place before a day and stayed in a hotel and the very next day went for the interview.The infosys aptitude consisted of 2 parts:Quantitative part and the other was verbal ability.

    Quantitative part :It was quite easy .It consisted of 2 puzzles(of whch one was very easybut the other one was a complicated),data interpretation( very easy),next figure in the series(there were 5 or 6 questions on this and all were simple),syllogism,problem on clock and a few analytical reasoning ones.I think solving R.S.Aggarwal would do.

    Verbal ability: This was tough.2 long passages followed by questions.Identification of correct sentences,idioms,verbs,prepositions were there.Deduction of conclusion etc were also there.

    Well i was able to clear my written test and went for the interview.It was really cool andsted for hardly 15 mins. 

    Me:may i come in sir?

    Sir:yes please come in.

    Me:good evening sir

    sir: good evening.please have your seat.

    me:thank u sir.

    sir:so aritra.....what does aritra mean?

    me:sir it means someone who defeats his enemy. u r d winner.

    me:(laugh)yes sir.

    sir:tell me a case wen u were defeated.


    sir:ok.what was your rank in school?

    me:2nd in 10 board and 3rd in 12 board.

    sir:ok......what have u done to improve your rank?

    me:told...hardwork......dint give up..strong determination..etc.

    sir:ok..aritra tell me suppose u were in a railway compartment and one of your friend falls would u handle?

    me:explained it . u stay at kolkata right?

    me:yes sir.

    sir:ok.....suppose you were dhoni..would u have dropped ganguly?

    me: no sir..never....and explained why.

    sir:ok.suppose you were dilip vengsarkar and dhoni approaches to u to drop would u handle it?

    me: explained with my passion in cricket....( i kept smiling althroughout when this discussion was going on)

     a few more questions like what are your local area prob;lems..if u were the MLA how would u have solved it.........have you ever leaded anytime? how?? etc etc...all these were last he asked me if i was ready to do night shift and work abroad..both were positive responses from my side..i went out with a firm handshake.....

    Few hrs later our results were announced and i was selected ...i was so happy........members from infosys called us infoscions.i was overwhelming.

    Friends it is not tough to crack infy but the thing is that u have to be very strong in english,should have a very strong communication skill and a confident and smart approach.......if u have all these then infosys is ready to hire friends wish u loads of luck and see u at infy.....................

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