Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Chitkara College Of Engineering And Technology-14 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Chitkara College Of Engineering And Technology-14 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I sat for the Infosys placement procedure on the 14th FEB and got through!
    Logical Reasoning Test (30 questions(6*5) - 40 minutes)

    The questions tested general aptitude:
    1)A question on Arithmetic (price of rice dal cultivation, man days required, money available, land available, selling price ratio etc)
    2)Data sufficiency. This question was very simple
    3)Data Interpretation based on a Pie Chart. Didnt attempt because of pausity of time. Leave this one for the last!
    4)A Puzzle (Something like A,B,C,D,E eat different fruits on five days in a week. You had to work out various possibilties.) Refer RS Aggarwal (Verbal and non verbal) chapter - Puzzles test anddo all the six types of puzzles given. Do the chap on Blood Relations as well!
    5)syllogism Five simple questions on Syllogism. Attempt them first as they are very easy and dont take much time. These questions get you going,
    Do the chapter LOGIC from RS Aggarwal (Verbal - non verbal)
    Do the rules as well as Logical Venn Diagrams.
    6)Find the next image in a series.

    Doing puzzles from Shakuntala Devi is of no use now as the pattern has changed and Infy doesnt test you on puzzles anymore. Despite the fact that there is no negative marking, do not attempt the questions you have not solved. The rough work is most probably chechked and thus guesses are not advised. All they doi is lessen your chances of selection. If at all, you can guess the "next image in series questions"
    I attempted 20 questions out of 30

    English Test (40 questions - 30 minutes)

    1) Reading comprehension - One lengthy passage and one short passage! Leave them for the last Rest of test just checks basic English Usage and you dont really need to prepare if you know the basic usage!
    You can attempt all the questions in this section easily! the test and getting through it isnt tough!!

    Interview :
    It was an HR interview lasting about 10-15 minutes!
    First the interviewer told me that I hadnt done well in the written! I sensed that was just to check my confidence and I said that I had done well enough!

    Next he asked what kind of a person I was.
    He asked questions made out of my answers only. So beware! Then he asked general things like life at my college and whom do I value the most out of family , friends and teachers Then he asked how much had my family spent on me. I answered spontaneously : It is very difficult to keep track of that! he said you have given up so easily! Then he gave me a pen and a paper ans asked to calculate!

    Remain confident no matter what they ask or say and never give up on anything! Even if they give you a puzzle just keep working on it until they ask you to stop! maintain eye contact and shake hands firmly if he/she offers! getting through ain't as tough as you might think

    Good luck!
    Sharad Sharma

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