Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Cambridge School ,Delhi-17 Nov 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Cambridge School ,Delhi-17 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I attended Infosys off campus written test on 17/11/07 Saturday and got through the test and attended interview on 19/11/07. Test results 'll be announced in 3 to 4 weeks as they said.

    So, Here s the pattern of the written test I attended. No puzzles are asked in the written test. The pattern is changed now.. The test consists of two sections, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability. Pattern

    logical reasoning
    verbal reasoning

    First they gave the logical reasoning part it has 30 questions and 40 minutes time

    1 question
    it was a age problem it was very easy just a liitle bit of logic. i dnt remember the problem.
    on this five parts are given.

    2 question
    4 figures were given and aside this u have given five options u have to select the figure suitable with them and it was damn easy.please solve some problems from rs aggarwal.

    3 question
    data sufficiency problem data were given and it was easy to just go through with rs aggarwal quant book.

    4 question puzzle
    it was difficult but i solve it without wasting much time
    it was like p,q,l,m,n,o
    l can contact m and p
    o can contact n,p
    like this just make a table according to the problem and u solve it.

    5 question was syllogism
    it was damn easy it come from rs aggarwal
    u can easy gt through if u know the nine rules of it.
    paper was qiute easy as compare through other one
    but be prepare for the test dont take it lightly just a little bit of study and u through with it.

    Verbal part
    2 Rcs it was lenghty try to solve in end bcoz time is less as 40 questions and 35 minutes of time
    rcs were lenghty but very easy
    first rc is of 2 page but let me tell u first answer is in first or second paragraph and the rest is in last one .u can easily get
    second rc was easy try to read question first and then answer,it was on japan and fabric.
    then next question on chose the correct sentence four options were given and u ahve to select the best u think in which no mistake or no errors.
    then nest five question is on
    underline the sentence u have to correct them from the options given below.
    then next u have small paragraph n u have to select the conclsion,infer and something like that it was easy u can easily get it

    For verbal part please go through cat material of ims or times it will be beneficial for u as the students get english tougher there,but for me it was easy and i think so that i gt maximum marks in english  rather in logical.

    It was simple tell me about ur self. hobbies,and how much time u take to college, bascially they ask questions from ur cv please go thrugh them thorughly. and please pray for me to gt selected there.all the best guys hope u  also gt through with infy.


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