Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BMIET-7 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BMIET-7 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends?.. This is manisha here?. I attended infosys on campus placement test on 7th feb, 2008 held at BMIET?.. I would like to share my experience with u & hope it would prove valuable for u ?


    Around 1100 students attended the test and out of them 120 were finally selected, nd by Gods grace I wz one among them


    The paper wz conducted in 2 phases:
    1)  APTITUDE:
    30 questns in 40 mints..
    5 questns on series completion (figure)
    5 questns on puzzle test
    5 questns on data interpretation (pie chart)
    5 questns on data sufficiency??.. and rst I dnt remember as I am writing it after around 10 days of the test..


    but anwz aptitude section wz easy?.jst R.S. Aggrwal is sufficient


    2)      ENGLISH:
    40 questns in 35 mints..
    2 big paragraphs followed by 5 questns each, although paragraphs were bit lengthy bt they were damn easy?
    8 questns on identifying correct sentences?..
    8 questns on sentence correction?
    fill in d blanks- 8 qustns..
    6 questns on small paragraphs?


    Time management is d major factor in dis sctn?The result of d test wz declared after 2-3 hrs, nd interviews were held on nxt day?



    The HR was vry nice person?First he asked me abt d atmosphere outside?.he wz expecting d answer in context of infy atmosphere.

    ? den he questnd abt my fathers professions, nd den 1-2 questns related to my family??den he asked 4 my cv, nd asked some questns relatd to my achievements & hobbies mentioned in d cv?.den he gv me a situation in which I hv to win the debate and to speak against my clg?.

    He askd me to list 5 pts angst my clg? nd I did dat ?..then he gv me a puzzle?..i stated d logic for solvng d puzzle?.. den he askd me 2 state another logic? I tried it?..

    Its my sincere advice to u friends, that if u hvnt practiced d puzzles, den dnt wrry?..dey dnt expect d answers of d puzzles from u bt nly d logic and in d intrw if u dnt knw d solution of d puzzle den pl don?t sit dumb ? nd jst try to build some logic in front of them?. , they just see ur approach of tackling diff situations?. Jst be cool & confident??


    And at last I wud like to thank for providing such a wonderful platform to the students 4 sharing their experiences?


    See u frnds at infy?.

    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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