Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bhopal-21 Jan 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bhopal-21 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends??..this is himanshu bansal from TIT, Bhopal???..infosys conducted campus drive in our college on 21st jan , it was an open campus drive?.around 600 students from different colleges appeared in it and out of which nearly 65 clears the written test and finally 50 students were selected out of which 25 are from my college?..and due to god grace I was 1 of them??hey if u clear the written test then u r 80% through to the infy??.and to clear the interview you should practice for some of the puzzles?.they don?t need the answer of puzzle , they only want to see ur approach??? never hesitate to say what comes to ur mind might be possible they like ur approach??..
    The selection process consist of 2 phase:-
    1.written test.
    2.HR interview

    And mind it that there is no tech interview ,they will not even ask that whether u know c\c++??.
    Written test consist of 2 papers
    This section consist of 30 ques in 40 min
    Q1to5) (puzzle)
    Q6to10) the ques based on fig ,they can ask for the next in the series or odd 1 out so prepare for all   type of ques??
    Q11to15)problem based on data sufficiency
    Q16to20)data interpretation ,it is an easy one.
    Q21to25)syllogism, don?t go for Venn diagram method go for the method in R.S aggarwal, its also very easy.

    There are 2 RC 1st is the easy and 2nd is tough so do both the passage in the end because it can take a lot of time. There are some ques related to the grammatically correct sentence and 5 ques of para jumble . There are some 10-15 fill in the blanks related to article and all.

    The result announced in 2-3 hours and within 5 min interviews stated. In interview there was only a old-aged person sitting, and when I entered he stands up and shake hands??..
    ME: good afternoon sir
    HR: good afternoon plz sit down.
    ME: thank you sir. He now asked me for my CV and I give it to him.
    HR: tell me about yourself.
    I started but he stops me and told me to say something else which is not in my CV.
    Then I think and answered.
    HR: what are your weaknesses?
     I answered
    Then he asked me nearly 5-6 ques related to my weakness.
    HR: what are your strengths?
    I answered.
    Then he asked me about team work and leadership. And what are the difficulties I faced in it and how I resolved them.
    I answered.
    He asked me to give some more examples related to team work.
    I answered.
    HR: do u have interest in puzzles?
    I answered yes sir.
    But he didn?t asked any puzzle.
    HR: how u update yourself?
    ME : Sir through newspaper and internet.
    Then he asked me about some new technology in market
    I answered his ques.
    Now the last ques comes why infosys??
    I was very well prepared with this answer and answered upto his satisfaction.
    HR : you can leave now
    ME: thank you sir.
    After 1 hour result announces and I was very scared because when they were calling the names all names were called and he said this is the last and the final name and it was mine ,I was on cloud 9 when my name was their in the list.
    All I van tell u is be confident and crack the infy?


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