Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Andhra Pradesh-27 Jul 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Andhra Pradesh-27 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi, this is srikanth from nellore in Andhra Pradesh. Infosys has conducted an interview in our local college.
    total candidates appeared:1080
    candidate short listed after written exam:26
    candidates selected for infosys:16

    i heard that cut-off for RAT was :20   and cut-off for VAT was:22    

    friends it was not so really hard to attempt infosys. it is very easy but one need to have common sense of English grammar and time management skills.
    In the written exam we have given two papers.
    firstly RAT (reasoning analogy test)
    in this paper we have 30 questions for 40 min.
    the pattern is as follows:
    (1-5)a little bit tricky puzzle (i suggest u, don't do this first)
    (6-10)figure series (easy and u can learn it from R.S.agarwal)
    (11-15)DataInterpretation(time taking one (i suggest u, don't do this first)
    (16-20)syllogism(easy but u need to have good practice. learn it from R.S.agarwal. but learn 3statement 4 conclusion patterns ,2 stat 4 conclusion patterns, or more than that)
    (21-25)a simple puzzle (easy do it first and save the time)
    (26-30)data sufficiency (easy but need practice ,u can learn it from R.S.agarwal).

     and the next paper was VAT where u will have 40 questions for 35 min.

     this is little tricky section . one need to have good English knowledge and little common sense of grammar to clear this section. this section will have cut-off 22 out of 40. so, follow few of my experienced tips, hope  that will  help u a lot.
    (1-10)reading comprehension (two big passages were given .if u need to clear the written don't start with these first. it is really time taking)
    (11-18)sentence completion (Easy but u need to have practice from cat or gre or gmat books)
    (19-26)sentence correction (easy but u need to have good command on grammar , tenses, parts of speech, etc., and little common sense)
    (27-34)sentence replacement (easy u can do it)
    (35-40)conclusion from short passages (easy, do it fast)

    out of these i advise u to , go first doing with sentence completion, sentence correction, sentence replacement, conclusion from passages, and then to reading comprehensions.

     friends i fail to clear written. but , i hope my experience will help u to crack INFOSYS.


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