Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College -1 Apr 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College -1 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    i am saurabh trivedi from akgec wanna share my experience  of infosys with all u readers there was a campus recruitment test  for infosys in our college campus on 1'st april 2007.

    total 650 students invited to our college from which 130 selected for HR interview and finally  selected students are 85 and the most important thing that i was one of them

    now for written there are two papers
    1. Verbal and nonverbal(from R.S.Agarwal)
    2. English(
    Quite tough so prepare well from any package for cat likePT,CL,IMS etc)

    there are 30 questions on reasoning in 40 minutes and the parts are:

    1. 2 questions based on puzzle
    2. 5 questions from syllogism
    3. 5 questions from data sufficiency
    4. 5 questions based on finding out odd figure
    5. 1 queston  is like of RC

    in English there are 40 questions which we have to do in 35 minutes 

    1. 2 reading comprehension(quite tough)
    2. 5 on fill in the blanks (simple grammer)
    3. 6 on find out  correct sentence
    4. 6 from to find out essence
    5. other are also based on grammer

    after qualify written all  we call for interview after waiting for one my name called for interview. I was quite nervous but i had to face that terrible condition my interviewer was very good he just ask me sinple hr questions andv he seems quite adequate from me but that was not over after giving that interview i was call again and i was in only who called again

    interview again start questions are

    1. define urself
    2. what u want to change in ur t&p department?
    3. what u want to change in Indian cricket team?
    4. do u think infosys is a boring company?
    5. characteristic of digit 9.
    6. two big deals.
    7. two puzzles

    after giving that interview i was quite confident and results also favours me Now i m part of infosys and i want this thing from all readers

    Saurabh Trivedi


    Adobe came to JU on July 27,09 (most probably). Following is the test pattern:

    1. Aptitiude: 45 minutes
        45 questions in total. Refer R.S Aggarwal or CSR.
        15 questions from analytical.
        30 questions from quantitative aptitude.
        No test on English language.

    2. Subjective questions.
       10 questions: 30 minutes.
       10 questions: 45 minutes.

    The paper comprised of the following topics:
    1. Algorithm analysis-
        Finding time complexity of a program written in pseudo code.
            Writing 1 pass algorithms for sorting with some given constraint(s).
    2. Microprocessor.
        Use of 5-6 mnemonics only and 3 registers we are asked to write a program.

    3. C-language.
        String operations without using standard string library functions.

    4. Automata theory.
        One nfa was given to accept bbb. We are to find a fsm that will accept aabb.
        One fsm was given finding the number of string that it can accept.
        The questions was little bit tricky but if prepare well for GATE examination,
        this examination is quite suitable for you.

      9 Cleared the written.

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