Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Aditya College Of Engg And Tech,kakinada-1 Mar 2010

Infosys  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Aditya College Of Engg And Tech,kakinada-1 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

     i'm ramya(ECE) from swarnandhra college of engineering and technology. I had attended infosys through JKC @ aditya college.

    Total no.of students attended: 498
    no. of students cleared written test:61
    no. of students selected: 42
    elligibility criteria: 68%in 10th,12th ,btech

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    They will ask u questions on logical reasoning and verbal ability...

    Questions = 70 ; time limit = 75 minutes.

    Sectional cut-off in each section. It is around 60% in Logical Reasoning part and 50% in Verbal Ability and no negative marking Offline (paper & pen) test.

    The persons who clear the written test, they only go through this..

    90% of the students will be eliminated in the written test. So it's better to prepare verbal ability and logical reasoning thoroughly..

    Logical Reasoning:

     There were 30 questions from logical reasoning.(no negative marking) was little bit difficult and confusing..

    Better 2 prepare it from's more than enough..we had 5 questions from data sufficiency, 5 from syllogisms and there were two paragraphs with 5 questions each .They took lot of time.So prepare well and manage the time..

    English: there were 40Q and 35 mins.(no negative marking). There were 2 long paragraphs each having 5 Q,5Q on sentence correction, then there were Questions on tenses, prepositions, verbs .The paper was  quite tough so prepare it well. What I want to suggest is, solve the two paragraphs first. We can easily answer them. They will ask direct questions from the paragraph. There r sectional cut off also, so you have to qualify both the papers. It is not told what is the sectional cutoff.

     There is no specific book to prepare for infosys written test. Just go through previous papers and R.S.Agarwal verbal and nonverbal may help u 2 get into the written test.

    If we clear the written test, 90% of chances will be there to get selected in the written test.


      Really, i will not forget march 1st, 2010 in my life, because i got selected in my dream company(infosys)..

    this interview round was cakewalk..and a good experience 2 me..

    For this round, we need not prepare is non- technical round. So, it is a quite breeze to us.

    After the written test, i had called for the interview. we have to prepare for the interview in advance(basic interview questions) to crack it.


    ME:Good afternoon sir..
    INTWEE: good afternoon,..take ur seat
    ME: thank u sir..
    INTWEE: tell me something about yourself apart from ur resume.
    ME: told(i explained about co-curricular activities and extra curricular activities)
    INTWEE: i think, u r getting tensed while talking..

    ME: Yes sir, actually it is my first I?m getting tensed..( be frank)

    INTWEE: Did u face any problem when you were doing project work?

    ME: bla..bla?bla..(explained)

    INTWEE: tell me about your family background..


    INTWEE: did u find any difference between your school life and college life?

    ME: told..(explained with an example)

    INTWEE: which life you like it? As a day scholar or hosteler?


    INTWEE: y?

    ME: explained it with an example..

    INTWEE: why r u talking in high speed? I did not understand what you are saying.  I donot want to take people who are talking with high speed. (it is a kind of stress interview).

    ME: i was shocked.i smiled at him. I tried to convince him..i told about my capabilities at project work and time management.

    INTWEE: Did you attend any interview before this?

    ME: told.

    INTWEE: Any questions?

    ME: no sir

     After one hour, results had been declared..i got selected in Infosys through god?s grace..i was rejoiced..this website is really helped me to know about the test papers, experiences and company profiles..

    Thanks to freshersworld and my parents?

    Meet @ infy?all d best..crack it..

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