Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   TAGORE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, DELHI-16 Jul 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   TAGORE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, DELHI-16 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

    hi refer old question papers..they help a lot.
    apptitude can b prepared from R.S aggarwal.
    u hav to fill a form first,n den u hav an aptitude test n den simple english test.
    here are d questions of aptitude test,wich i gave recently.
    after the test,i had my interview next day..its was HR..some were asked puzzles pray for me too as i m waiting for my result..thanx n best of luck
    Q1. what are the number of ways of arranging numbers on a dice such that 1&6, 2&5, 3&4 always are on opposite sides?


    Q2. A puzzle has 100 pieces.By combining 2 pieces at a time, a move is made.In how many minimum number of ways the puzzle can be completed??


    Ans:- 49+49=98 moves


    Q3.I went to kalota.there is a belief that men speak truth always,women speak alternately i.e. if her first statement is true, then her next statement will b false.same goes for boy n girl..


    I asked a child passing by-? are you a boy or  girl???

    Got reply in their language so culdnt understand. Fortunately their parents kno our language. ?kibi said, ?I m a boy? ? said the first parent.?no, kibi lied.kibi is a girl? said the other parent.

    a)      whether kibi is a girl or a boy?

    b)      Which parent made the first statement??


    Ans:- a) girl

    b)      mother


    Q4.a person picked first marble,left one,picked the next,left two, picked the next, left three n so on until he got the last the end he observed that he has picked 5% of the many has he picked actually??


    Q5. there are two system of temperatures such that 14 degrees in system A is equal to 36 degrees in system B n 133 degrees in system A is equal to 87 degrees in system B. at what degree will these systems be equal.??


    Ans:- (A-14)/133= (B-36)/87


    Put A=B n get the answer?it is 77.6 degrees


    Q6 two friends set their clocks to same time.1st one's clock lag 1min/hr and other's gain it by 2 min/hr...aftr sometime when they met again they found that the diff between their watches was 1 hr..tell me how much time ago was their watch showing same time....


    Ans:- first watch lag = 1min per hour

                Second watch lag = 2 min per hour

    So toatal lag = 3 min per hour

    i.e 3 min ------------------- in 1 hour

         1hour(60 min) lag-------------- (1hour * 60 min)     / 3 min

    Ans =20 hours


    Q7. A man walks at 4km/hr for some time then up the hill at 3km/hr and then down the hill at 4km/hr and then through the same plane back to home at 4km/ time he took for it was 6 hrs i.e. he started at 3 pm and came back at 9 pm...tell the distance he travelled one side....

    Ans:- let plain b x km and hill be y km so


    x/4 + y/3 + x/4 + y/4 = 6 (speed= distance/time)


    x+y=12 ans


    Q8. some question on average speed-


    Ans= 2ab/(a+b) --- a and b are two different speeds


    Q9 complete the series-

    a)      1,2,3,5,16,_

    b)      1,2,3,8,_,224


    Ans a) 22 -1 =3

                32 ? 22 = 5

                52 - 32 =16

    162 - 52 = 231 ans


    b) 22 -1 =3

                32 -1=8

                82 -1= 63 ans


    Q10. there is a person who prepares window panes. There are certain conditions for preparing left n right display panes using stones- diamond,garnet,opal, sapphire, ruby and one more stone(dnt remember the name..let it be X. each pane can hav three stones only.



    a)      sapphire n garnet has to be together.

    b)      Diamond is always in right display pane

    c)      X always in left display pane


    1)      what is the possible combination of left display?

    Ans so on?


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