Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   Mount Carmel College, Bangalroe-27 Aug 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   Mount Carmel College, Bangalroe-27 Aug 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

    hi guys this is nirmal kedia, from orissa i had attended the infy paper in Mt. Carmel College, Palace Road
    the questions are quite easy and repeated also so plz refer atleast 2 months back all placement papers
    i cleared the written and my intrview is on 29th at electronic city.
    one important thing to be noted while filling the form is that in the column of languages known dont mention english
    the puzzle question are as follows
    1.A wood blog weights 30 kg. What will be the weight of the blog its thickness is   doubled and length is reduced to half. (3 marks)

    Answer.  60 Kg.

    Volume of blog = pi R2 L

    Thickness is doubled  and length is reduced by half

    So  R(final) = 2R

          L(final) =  L/2

    So the new volume will  be = pi(4R2)L/2

    i.e. = 2pi R2L

    so the volume will be doubled and also the weight will be


    2.Repeated question of frog climbs 3 ft and fell back 2ft in a day.

       How many day will he take to climb over 30 ft well.

    Answer 28.


    3) Repeated

                   XYZ                               and                        XYZ

                    +AB                                                            -AB

             __________                                             _______________

               C D E F                                                          BGA

    then find the value of X,Y,Z ,G


                         945                                                       945

                         +78                                                       -78

                  ____________                                    _____________

                       1023                                                      867


    X ? 9 Y - 4  Z - 5  G ? 6


    4}A class has 50 students, 26 boys and 24 girls. The principal divided the students in group of 30 and 20.

    He doesn?t know the exact no. of boys or girls in the group. But the proportion of no. of boys in group A is more than that of the no. of  girls in group B.

    Then tell the difference in no. of boys in group A and girls in group B.

    Ans. 6.


    The proportion i.e. Ab:Ag> Bb: Bg  Thus Ab.Bg>Bb. Ag

    Now from hit and trial method we find that    Ab  Ag     Bb  Bg

                                                                            15    15      11   9         Ab. Bg                                                                                      16    14        10   10        Ab.Bg>Ag.Bb

    Thus Ab-Bg = 6


    5) given a two digit no. 15. write down a digit before it and after it so that the 4 digit no. so formed can be divisible by many such combination are possible.(3 marks)

    Ans 6.  1155, 4155, 7155, 3150, 6150, 9150

    For divisible by 15 in decimal place either there will be 0 or 5 and the sum of the 4 digit should be divisible by 3.


    6. A person has 4 enclosures of sheep. Each having different no. of sheeps. Once he counted the no. of sheep in all 4.

    for the first he count 75 and write it as   ~!@.

    In 2nd he counted 255 and write it as @~!. In third counted 183 and write it as !@~.

    For the 4th he write ~@! Then what is the no. of sheep in that.


    I don?t know the answer of this properly but I had written 78. how plz don?t ask.


    7. Miss  X likes cold drink very much. And in exchange of 5 empty bottles she get one cold drink. So how many drinks she can have if initially she has 77 bottles.

    Answer  19

            With exchange of 75 bottles she get 15 drinks so now she had 17 bottles   15 drinks

                In exchange of 15 bottles she get 3 drink and left with 5 bottles                3 drinks

                In exchange of those 5 bottles she get 1 only                                           1 drinks


                                                                                                                            19 drinks


     8). There are 3 friends Geoffery, Molly and Hallmann

          Geoffery said

              ? I m 22 years old ?, ?molly is 1 year younger than me?, and ?hallmann is two year older than me?

         Molly said

                      ?Geoffery is 23 years old ?,?my and hallmann has 3 years difference in age?,

                And one more statement is there

      Similarly hallmann has given three statement.

    If any of the two statement from each person is true find the age of them.


    Geoffery: 23   molly:    22   hallmann : 25



    9) it?s a repeated question of 4 girls making fruit salad using 4 fruits etc.



    10) after putting the watches back in the evening before the night as the summer ends.

        Mr X called his solicitor to fix a meeting in the next morning.


    Mr X: we will meet 11 hour after the town hall clock will take 10 secs to strike the hour

    Solicitor : doesn?t the town hall clock have 1 sec interval in consecutive strike

    Mr X: yes.

    So find out at what time they will meet?


    Answer  5 am in morning.(plz check out not sure)


    the english is quite easy and people from english medium school can do it easily
    it contains
    1) passage comprehension
    2) fill in the blanks using tense(it was a passage divided into several statement)   
    3) find out the correct statement is a pair of statement(the statement generally different in the spelling of a word)
    4) find out the statement having error from 4 given statements
    5) fill in the blanks using preposition

    all the best
    with regards,
                       Nirmal Kedia.

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