Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   MNNIT-ALLAHABAD-31 Jul 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   MNNIT-ALLAHABAD-31 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


     Hi,I am Penchala reddy.p . The written was bit easy if u go through these previous papers .U have to  just do all latest paper &  any puzzle book like shakuntala devi.if  u don?t hv time then I will suggest u to go with previous papers only .This was my exp.

    1 .My mother gave me some money to buy stamps having price 2paise,7  paise,15 paise, 10 paise and 20 paise and told me to buy 5 stamps each of three   types and 6 stamps each of the other two types . By the time I reached the post   office, I forgot how many of  stamps of each type I had to buy. My father had given    me a total of Rs.3 . Finally I was able to find the exact types of each I had to buy.   Now tell me which these stamps were 5 in number and which were 6 in number.

    Ans: 2,7,15 Paise - 5 each
         10,20 Paise - 6 each

    2.There are three teams ? DoIt, ActIt & ThinkIt ? playing basketball in a championship. Three friends are speculating about the result:

       1st : Either DoIt or ThinkIt will make it

        2nd : DoIt is not going to make it

         3rd : Neither ThinkIt or DoIt will make it

         only one of them turned out to be correct. Which team won?


    Ans: ActIt


    3.there are four persons A,B,C,D and E five languages english ,french ,spanish, italian,portuguese conditions
    spanish is the most commonly spoken language.

    3 of them speak portuguese.


      a and c can talk in  spanish but when b arrives they start talking in english

      a and b speak in italian  

    out of them one person speaks 1 language,1 person speaks 2 languages,1 person speaks 3 languages,1 person speaks 4 languages,1 person speaks 5 languages. 

    (could not remember entire question.......but it was like this only and you have to give answers of 4 following questions asked)


    4. anitha got her salary n she spent half of it in shopping n gave 1rs to a beggar after that 1/2 of the remaining money she spends in a hotel n she gives rs2/- as         tip    to waiter n then 1/2 of the remaining she spends again n she gives rs3/- as charity.... n after that finally she is left with rs1/- when she comes out. whats the money she actually had in her hand




    5.A cube is painted red. It is then cut into 125 equal cubes with 6 cuts. Find no. of cubes with
    a) 3 sides painted-8
    b) 1 side painted-54
    c) 2 sides painted-36
    d) no sides painted- 27

     II- 125 cubes are placed in a box.what is probability to get red faces on top



    6.A die needs to made with following conditions, 1 and 6 , 2n5 and 3n4 respectively on opposite sides. how many combinations can be made in order to make a die with above conditions


    7.  A person gets his old book binded. but he finds that the page numbers are cut he starts numbering the pages. During the process he find that 3 is encountered  61 times. Can u tell, how many pages were there in book?

    ans:-   3 encountered once= 3,13,23,30...32,34..39,43,53,63,73,83,93....300=55 times

                3 encountered twice=33,133,233= 6 times

    Hence answer is 300 pages.


    8.a man  is travelling from village to town.he took 2hr 50mnts  for travelling 8km uphill and 24km downhill.

     He took 4hr30mnts for traveling from town to village.

     Then what is speed of  uphill & down hill

     Downhill-12kmph (check it)



    9.a man said that ,the total age of my 3 cousins including me is 50.

       All ages are prime numbers.what are the cousins ages

     Hint:don?t take 1 as prime number


             Man age-19

           U can get different ans. Try it


    10.a man distributed 1000 to his 5 nephews.each one gets rs 20 more than the younger to the next much youngest  got it.


     all the best

    urs penchal


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