Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   cr State College Of Engg. Murthal(haryana)-18 Jul 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   cr State College Of Engg. Murthal(haryana)-18 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi , I m dheeraj kapoor fro CR state college ,murthal(sonepat). In our collg there is jt campus of 6 colleges. 670 appered, 195 written cleared finally 133. 43 frm our college.there were 10puzzel 50marks, half hr eng paper.

    Sorry I am not able to recall all ques. But I hav collected few interview puzzle frm my frnds. But my interview last hardly 10 min. only introduce urself?. Mind that it should impressive?


    Q1   no divisible by 3,4,5,7 &is less than 500.     (420) 3marks

    Q2   fo0our thief stole diamond first stole half plus 2,so 2nd,3rd,4th.for 5th there is no diamond to steel.       (60)    6marks

    Q3   find the occupation

            Similar to george summers question.        8marks

    Q4  family relation were given

           A?s granpa & papa are B,C respectively. Pis a?s sister.  C is o?s husband.

           Ans:  4male,2brothers&1 mom

    Q5 book pages are torn up while binding.somehow reader knows there are 61 3?s.count pages.             (300)      4marks

    Q6   there are 3woman around each men ???. From previous papers

             Ans  :8


    Interview question


    Q1  non uniform thread burn in 1 hour .measure half hour. (burn from both side)

    Q2  glass partially filled with water. Measure its volume without instrument.( filled it with known volume divide in propotion) not sure

    Q3   two pieces r given tell which is iron &which is magnet. (magnet repel fron center,put magnet horizontally touch iron piece in middle ,it will be reppeled)

    Q4 ABCD



       --DCEA?    ans: ABCD   1089 RESPECTIVELY

    Q5 make 1000 with 16 4?s

    Q6  join 9 points with four lines  (sakuntala?s ques.)

    Q7  join nine points with three lines ( go upto infinity)


    Final words prepare hard for written. After written Chances in infy r 90+%. I will be very much pleased if any of above question will help you.

    For interview prepare ur CV well. Mine was completely HR. get maximum knowledge about infy ?  

    All the best.


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