Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   Chennai -20 Jul 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   Chennai -20 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hey friends I attended the Infosys campus of jUly 2007. Am posting the questions. All the questions were repeated from previous year papers. Jus go through "Sakuntala Devi's Puzzles to Puzzle You" and those previous year papers. It is more than enough.

    The questions are as follow.

    1. Some group of friends are there. They are going for a treat. The bill is 2400 and they've already decided to pay it equally shared among themselves. But two of the friends say that they've forgot the purse in their house. When the other friends are paying the bill they have to pay 100 rs extra. Totally how many were there in the group.

    Ans: 8. Each friend pays 400 rs except those 2.

    2. Four theives robbed a bank. The police surrounded them and during the investigation the following are the statements given by the four persons.

    Aaron: Ben did it.
    Ben:   Don dit it.
    Guy:   I dint do it.
    Don:   Ben is lying. Someone else did it.
    One of the above statement is true. Who is the guilty person among the four.

    Ans: Guilty-Guy. Statement of Don was true.

    3. Mary was one day on a spending spree. she went to a shop and bought some clothes and wen she came outside she gave a begger a rupee more than wat she had in her purse. She then went to a restaurant and tipped off the waiter with 2 rupees more than half the money she had then. Then while returning back to her hotel, she was approached by a religious group and she gave them 3 rupees more than wat she had. At last when she returned to her hotel, she found that she had only one rupee remaining. How much she initially had in her purse?

    Ans: Rs. 42

    4. There are 6561 balls out of which 1 is heavy. Find the minimum number of times the ball has to be weighed for finding out the heavy ball.

    Ans: 8.


    6561/3= (2187,2187,2187)
    2187/3= (729, 729, 729)
    like that till one comes we hav to divide. It will hav eight weighing till 1.

    5. This is a very simple one. Finding the murderer problem. Its der in previous papers. plz check it out. I forgot the questions. (8 Marks)

    Ans: Murderer-Walt
         Victim  -Fillip
         Judge   -Mark
         Witness -Graham

    6.My cousin came to my house for vacation. During the course of her stay we played chess everyday. The one who wins gives a chocolate to the other. At the last day of her stay she gave me 8 chocolates and she herself had won 12 chocolates. So how many days did she stay in my place.

    Ans: 20 days.

    7. Temperature problem.. I dont exactly remember the temperatures. But When A was 14 B was 36 and similarly when A was 133 B was something (sorry). It was given that both A and B were equal at some point indirectly.

    Ans: 52.5

    Method - Formula: A=7/3B-70

    since A=B

    8. One day my friend and me went to a fun park. We went on a merry go round. 1/3 of those were before me and three quarter of them were behind me. What were the total number of ppl who were on the merry go round.

    Ans: 13

    9. This is a reasoning problem. Somewat very big. Something like georgie wil not have hat until vickie gets a scarf.. some 10 conditions were given like this. We have to find what each one gets at the end. (9 Marks)

    10. Series.. very easy.

    All the best Folks...  Divya





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