Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -27 May 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -27 May 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

    1.    A man sold two cows for 210 rs.on one cow he gained 10% gain and on another cow he got 10% 

           loss.overall he gained 5% profit.For how much did he sell the each cow?
    2.    On their way some group blew up the cylinder 40 minutes later when they left the station and reached
           the later station 2 hrs late with some speed(i dont remember as of now)........( my intention is to tell u that the 

           problem is related to time and diatance).
    3.    There is one bag with some black socks and white socks of same size.(probability criteria was given to pick up 

            the least probability of picking up the correct pair). we have to find out how many socks were there.
    4.    Series problem.
             (a) 3 6 13 26 33 66 ?
              (b) 364 361 19 16 4 1 ?
    5 . dont remember
    6.  Data was given regarding girls names and their family names and  fruits for making a salad. some conditions were 

         given about combinations.the questions asked were about the girl belongs to what family and the common 

         combination in salad.totally there were four questions.
    7   Husband says if we sell 75 chickens from our farm we can feed the chickens for 20 days and if we buy 100
        chickens we would finish the feed 15 days many chickens were there?
    8. Husband watch is 1 minute faster and wife watch is 2 minutes slower than the usual time. one day by
        looking at the slower watch they were 1 hr late for a fuction.probably how many hours ago they adjusted
        their watch?
    9. some people statements were given regarding the day of the week .some statements were
        (a) (some x but name was given) says the day afetr tomorrow is not wednesday.
        (b) although i knew yesterday was not thursday.
        (c) some y says today is neither monday,tuesday,wednesday.                                    
        like these there were some 8 statements areso i dont remember exactly .but what we have to do is to pick up

        only the one correct statement from the above and decide which day of the week it is.

    10  Again some combination of three first names and three last names were given and what they have to do
           is to cut 1/2 yard logs. and it was given that one pair cut 1 yard log, the other 2 yard logs, the last pair 1 1/2 

        yard logs. totally the pairs cut some 26,27, 28 logs. the names of the persons were given.we have to decide the 

        first name of some given person x? 
        Regarding english  that to better be thorough with  basics of english like parts of speech,correction of sentences 

        and for meanings follow the word list from barrons.

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