Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1)Henny,Axie,Amie are friends cond:a)Herry or Axies is the oldest ,b)If Axie is the oldest,Amie is the youngest ANS:Amie is the youngest,Axie is oldest 
    2)A,B,C are 3 girls and there are 770 Apples.For every 4Apples A takes,B takes 3.For ever 6 Apples ,C takes 7 Apples? ANS:261:145:303 
    3)T,U,V are 3 friends digging groups in fields.If T&U can complete i groove in 4 days&,U&V can complete 1 
    groove in 3 days&V&T can complete in 2 days Find how many days each takes to complete 1 groove individually. 
    ANS:24 days 
    4)4 mathematician has x apples .if he arranges them in rows of 3 one will be left.the same is the case with 5,7,9 apples.But when he arranged them in rows of 11 non will be left.Find the no.of apples ANS:946 
    5)  H starts running after T reaches 1/5th they must when H reach 1/6th if H wants win at what speed H should be 
    run note:one circle is there,you show this type of problem 

    6)There are 4 months,4 daughter and the colour of their dresses ,and they are aged 1,2,3&4 .stat are in 
    form as the girl with white dresses is see is daughter 

    7)There are 5 levels of dolls and each the diff colors & condition are given note:this type of problem also refer 

    8)5 student A,B,C,D,E .one student knows 5 that up to one langauge.states 

    *)Spanish is most popular langauge 
    *)3 persons knows Porchigese 
    *)B&C are speakes Englishj when D gathered they switched to Spanish because that is only common between the three 
    *)only langauge common between A,B,E is French 
    *)only langauge common between C,Eis Italian. 

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