Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



     1. A passenger train requires the time to overtake a freight train which is double than the time it takes to cross the train when it is coming from opposite direction.What multiple of freight  trains speed is the passenger trains speed

    Ans : Double

    2.The man gave Rupees  1100 to a painter and meson Rs. 3300 to a meson and carpenterRs.5300 to a meson and six equations are given based on which you have to find what money the man did pay to eachone? (4 marks)

    3.There are two containers A & B .A is half filled with wine whereas B which is double in size than A contains one quarter portion wine. If both the containers are filled with water and the contains are poured into container C .What portion of  container C is Wine?

    Ans. 1/3 rd of total

    4.There are N stations on a railway route When some stations are added to the route no of tickets are increased by 46 How many is some? How many stations were there before addition?

    Ans : Let there be N stations earlier so no. are tickets = N*(N-1)=N2-N

     Let T no of stations are added to the route so now the No of tickets = (N+T)(N+T-1)= N2+2NT+T2-N-TFrom given condition,

    N2-N+46= N2+2NT+T2-N-T



    This gives T=2 & N=11

    5.You can get A?s age by transposing B?s Age. Difference of their ages is double than C s age. Also B?s age is 10 times C?s age .Find the ages of A,B and C in years?

    Ans: A-54 years

                B-45 years

                C-4.5 years 

    6. A charitable woman gave one penny more than half pennies in her purse  to a farmer .Afterwards she came across a beggar whom she gave 2 pennies more than half of what she had in her purse. In the end she gave 3 pennies more than half of what she had in her purse and left with a penny with her to a boy. Find what she had in the beginning?

    Ans : 42 pennies.

    7.There are 6 people related to a murder case Fillip, walt,  Mark, joseph, peter, and george. Each of them is police ,murderer, judge, Witness, victim, and hangman. Maynot be in the same order. The murderer is hanged up for this crime.

    Following are some statements,

    1. Joseph knows both witness and murderer

    2. Walt is the last who saw  fillip alive.

    3. Police made sure that he arrested george at the murder site.

    4. Peter doesn?t meet Walt.   

    Find who played following role in the above drama

    1. Murderer

    2. Judge

    3. Witness

    4. Hangman ( 8 Marks)


    1. Murderer - Walt

    2. Judge - Joseph

    3. Witness - George

    4. Hangman ? Peter

    8. Three people took part in a running race. They belong to three different communities Sororean, nororean and Midorean. May not be in the same order. Sororean always tell truth. Nororean  always lie. Midorean alternatively tell truth or lie.

    Following are some statements made by them

    A: 1.I would have won the race If C had not interfered in my way in the last part.

    2. C won the race.

    B: 1. I won the race.

    2. C did not came in A?s way, to restrain him from winning the race

    C. 1.B won the race.

    2. I did  came in A?s way, to restrain him from winning the race

     Find the community whom they belong to?

    Ans : A-Nororean




    9.This is Alberts forth visit to mars. He has one friend named dorman whom he wanted to meet. He asked about himself to three races in mars Uti, yomi and gauti. Some conditions given based on which you have to find which race does dorman belong to? (8 Marks) 

    Interview Questions:

    1.Arange no from 1 to 9 inserting +/- sign between them so that the result comes to 100

    Ans: 123-45-67+89 = 100


    2. A frog living in a 27 m deep well climbs 3 m in the day and descends 2 m in the night On which day he would be out of the well?

    Ans : 25 th day

    3.What shaped manhole do you prefer circular/ Square and why?


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