Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



       1. If u were to plant trees in a square field of side 100ft such that the distance between each tree is atleast 10ft, how many trees can u plant?u can plant trees even on the boundaries -3 marks.

    2. Two friends A and B had soiled cuffs and collars to be given to the laundry. The total no. of cuffs and collars were 30. After a week A gets back half the no. of cuffs and one third of the collars and pays 27cents. If  cost of 4 cuffs equals the cost of 5 collars what is the amount payed by B for the remaining? -4 marks

    3.There is a group of friends which sets out on a trip. Every day they travel 20 km more than the previous the day. At the end of trip which lasted for nine days they had covered a total distance of 1080 km.

                a. How many kms did they travel on the 4th day?

                b. How many kms did they travel on the last day?     (Total 5 marks)

    4. Two guys A and B are asked to tell a number between 1 and 1000 (ie.including 1 and 1000). What is the probability that B tells a number which is greater than the number told by A? - (I think this was for 4 marks)

    5. A binder had trimmed a book in such a way that the page nos. had been cut off. On counting the no. of pages a person finds out that the digit 3 had appered 61 times. How pages did the book actually have?

    6. A certain watch gains half a minute in the night and by dawn loses one third of a minute ie gaining one-sixth of a minute in a whole day. If the watch shows the right time on the 1st of May by what date would it become 5 minute fast?

    7. Two towns A and B. Trains leave each town for the other every hour. If the time taken by a train to reach the other town is 5 hours and assuming that all trains travel at the same speed, how many trains would a train meet on its way to the other town?

    8. The score of  a particular test was calculated using the formula S=30+4C-W where 30 was the total no of questions adn C is the no. of correct answers and W is the no. of wrong answers. A student could leave a question and would not be penalized for that.  A tells B that he has a score > 80. B was able to guess the exact score.For any other score other than the one guessed by B, which was still >80, B would not have been able to guess the no. of correct answers. What was exact no. of correct answers that A had got?

    9. There was this question wherein there were 7 gems which had to be placed in two windows under a given set of conditions.

    Each window must have a max of 3 gems. One of them had to be placed in the right window and the other in the left. Two gems must always be together and few other conditions. This was the coolest problem of the set and had the maximum marks(8).

    10. A woman goes to market and buys two kinds of drapes. When asked by her husband she says ?Don?t worry they together cost less than 10 dollars?. The no. of yards of cloth bought of each type is equal to its cost per yard. Also she spends 2$ and 15 cents more on one type than the other. Find out the no of yards of each cloth.

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