Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    1)40 cows graze a patch in 40 days.30 cows in 60 days.if grass is growing at a some (not given in Q) constant rate.fing in how many days will 20 cows finish tht field???? 3marks
    Ans: i think i wrote 120 days(doubtful!!!)

    2)37 people in all at party.4 single men rest all with children and 20 women r there.NO CHILDREN IN THE find the no of married men (which is also equal to the no of married women)?
    ans 13 married men 4 single men 7 single women =13+13+4+7=37

    3)some stations r there and u add some new stations bcos of which 34 new tickets r now being used find the old no of stations and the new no now?shakunthala type same book
    ans 8 old and now 10 stations

    4)analytical type Q: jeweller has 7 stones/ornaments.Diamond,Ruby,Opal.......etc
    Some conditions which goes where.Believe me it is dead easy 2 min is all it will take below par Q for 

    5)I start walking down on the stairs and when i'm on the 7th step i c my prof coming from ground floor blah blah...... he reaches the top and i still have 4 steps to take.he takes 2 steps to 1 of mine.How many r there steps in all?shakunthala one i think
    ans 21 steps

    6)analtical one easy one guys A,B,C,D R there and they r going  someplace together on some day.be4 tht r some statements which say which bank/shoeshop/grocery/some XXXwill be open on which all days of the week.and it is such tht only on WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY R ALL THE FOUR WORKING now there r 4 statements from each of  them A,B,C,D.and u have to find how is going where?as i said only 2 day r there 
    when all can go together and the ans will stare at you when u take the first option wednesday.from there 2min work

    7)shakunthala one.(I'm 100% sure)i'm going from A -> B and my car is takes 10min to fix tht.bcos         of tht i drive the rest of  the journey at 30miles/hr and reach 45 or so min late.had this puncture taken place after some 20-25 after the place where it actually happened and same 30miles for the rest of the journey i wud 
    have been only 3o min late????find dist b/w a b????

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