Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1.some stations r there and u add some new stations bcause of which 46
    new tickets r now being used find the old no of stations and the new
    no now?
    ans 11 old and now 13 stations(13*12-11*10=46)(5 marks)

    2.a man employs some workers for work.they are carpenter,electrician,plumber ,painter,manholer and paintholder and in the following way he dis tributed the money

    (don?t remember the figures. it goes like this)painter and carpenter together are given 2000,painter and manholer are given 3200,??(only two at a time are given).you need to find out how much is given to each individual.

    3.there are three containers A,B, half of container A contains fourth of B, which is twice the size of A, contains wine.

    Now the two containers are filled with water and are together poured in to third vessel much is the part of wine in container C?

    Ans:(1/3rd wine)

    4.a woman gives the first beggar one rupee more than half she has.

    To the second she 2 rupee more than half she has.and for the 3rd she gave 3 more than the half she she is left with 1 rupee.

    How much did she originally have?

    Ans:(42 rupees)

    5.A and B have their ages in reverse order .the difference in their ages is is twice that of C?s age.B is ten times as old as C.

    what are the ages of A,B,C?

    ans:(54 ,45,4.5)

    6.the question was something like the question in shakuntala devi puzzles(question no 102).about goods train and passenger train.

    I didn?t understand the problem.

    7.this was an analytical question. I don?t remember the question exactly. But it is very much similar to the ques in george summers.

    He just changed the names.the puzzle name is ?The President? in page no.181 and also go through other puzzle of ?Fathers and sons?

    In page no 69.

    8.the other puzzle was lengthy but is regarding a murderer,victim,hangman,judge,police,witness.

    Some conditions were given. And  6 names were given.u have to who is

    Murderer,judge,victim ,hangman

    This is all I can remember.the test was easy.the persons who completed full book of shakuntala devi puzzles ,and first part of george summers and a bit of more puzzles to puzzles to puzzle you can very well go through through the test.

    Regarding the English paper I remember some words given in sentence completion.


    in solace







    Also a big passage was given and some questions were asked on it.

    Correction of sentences and correction of spellings were the easiest.

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