Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hint:- This test was direct  recruitment for Developer/ Sr. Developer/Testing professionals.

    1.While driving through the countryside one day  I saw former tending his pigs and ducks in his yard.I was curious to know how many of each he had.I stopped the car and inquired. Learning  on the site jovially,He repiled I have altogether 60 eyes and 80 feet between them.Idrove off trying to calculate in my mind the exact number of ducks and pigs he had.What do you think is the answer?                 [ 3 Marks]

    Answer:- pigs=13,ducks=17                    

    2.       Find the value of following chart










              T  R  O  T

          + T  R  O  T


             R  O  O   M

         -------------------                                                                                                                     [ 3 Marks]

    Answer:- T=2  ,  R=5 ,  O=0  , M=4

    3.       In this question there was three queens named  SIFY,TANIA,FATINA and they used three type of jewelry like Diamond, Gold, Embraced and Three thief named BOM, KAISRA and RAMTOO   Some conditions are give like the eldest queen not used gold the BOM was friend of youngest queen.(Four more conditions are given I could not remember ) Finally they asked













                                                                                                                                                         [ 6 Marks]

    Answer:- Make a table and calculate it (not very tuff)

    4.       A man working in MNC for  going office he used daily  local trains which was shouted in the morning  

    There was to type of trains one is type A and other was type B . The frequency of both trains was 10 minutes if one trains (type A )start at 5:00 AM so second (Type B)start at 5:02 A.M and after that it continuously running in every 10 minutes .A Man went to the station a random time in the morning what is the  number of chance he got type A train  mostly rather then type B trains.        [4 Marks]

    Answer:- 8 times changes he got type A train

    5.       Every Big question some statements are given and it contain 4 sub parts also ,I neither attempt  it nor remember it they asked like four question my some friend told me following but I am not sure


    (1) a

    (2) c

    (3) d

    (4) d                                                                                                        [ 8 Marks ] 

    6.       A person Buy some clothes from wholesale at some discount and think when will he sale it at retail price he get 40% profit.But some how after selling whole clothes he feel that he get 39% lose. After searching the reason he came to know his Weight metter ( clothe meter) is  not proper .Can you tell we

    How much meter weight and is it more or less from normal.                                       [ 4 Marks]

    Answer:- Meter major .975 extra in per meter ( 100.975 C.M weight in one time)      

    7. Two boys A and B work as a part time in a shop A works every after 2 days while B Works every after 3 days,A start working at 1 June Thursday while B start working at 2 June Wednesday Can you tell in which date of month they work together.                                  [ 4 Marks]

    Answer:-  10  June Thursday they work together [ after 2 days  from 1 June means next at  4 June not in 3 June similarly for other]

    8. A car is travelling at uniform speed.The driver sees a milestone showing a digit number ,after travelling for an hour the driver sees another milestone with the same digits in reverse order after another hour the driver sees another milestone containg the same two digits

    what is the average speed of the driver.                                                                               [6 Marks]

    Answer:- 45 Kmph

    9.A,B,C,D,E, four person are given and they are involved in six professions like consultant, Technician, Artist , Neurologist ,physician  Some conditions was also given like

    (i)Consultant was youngest of  all four

    (2) Technician was not oldest to B who is not youngest the artist

    (3) one more condition ,I could not remember 

    (4)C is not youngest of all

    Finaly asked the profession of every individual person                                                      [6 Marks]

    Answer:- A was consultant and reaming I did not remember but question was easy .

    10. Jonty went for movie with his family but at ticket window a lot of rush present   so he was getting upset,then his father told him I am giving you a puzzle for you ,so that your time pass properly, he was agree then his father told him here lines of people at every after third man there was a kid ,but number of man and women is three times to the number of kids , Total people value lies between 800 to 1000.

    Can you tell me number of kids and number of adult.                                                        [6 Marks]

    Answer:- 300 kids and 600 adult (I am not very sure for this question)

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